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'Wise Ones' Angel Realm

You can recognise a Wise One by their stately energy, the grave wisdom on their features, and their ancient eyes that sparkle with slight mischievousness.

When we talk about the Wise Ones, we are referring to the wizards, witches, sorcerers, priests and priestesses who are well advanced in magic and such arts of manifestation (but never dark magic). All of the angel realms of Doreen Virtue are of the light, and the wise ones are no exception.


Wise Ones excite me. They come from bygone eras on this world that no longer exist. The days of the wizards, sorcerers and high priests are long gone, replaced with a lack of magic that constitutes our modern world, a cold world where magic is gone and religion has become polluted. Today's medicine is all about ingesting chemicals, not herbs or using healing energy. Our world today is artificial, unromantic and surgical.

This is why the Wise Ones no longer inhabit this world - they left it. They were not entirely welcome. In fact, because of their amazing powers of manifestation, alchemy and magic, they were purposely hunted down by the Cabal off-world powers, until all of them were killed or burned at the stake. It seems they just never came back - who could blame them?

These days its safe for them to return and some have incarnated back into our societies to help humanity, of course. Although they no longer have to fear being burned or imprisoned for who they are, nevertheless they don't overtly work magic anymore. Perhaps today's magic is set by an example of peacefulness and living harmony. They are powerful beings and you can see it as soon as you lay eyes on one. There don't seem to be a great many here, but I feel what is here is enough.

I will say that all wise ones are wizards or witches, but not all wizards and witches are wise ones. How can this be?

Well, wise ones all come from the same origins, which is to say they are very ancient and masterful, with a slight, dark feel to them. Yet this realm is not the only to contain wizards and shamans.


I once knew a lady who was an incredibly powerful witch, but she didn't know it. It is rare to meet someone who has mastered magic but she acted like she was powerless. She owned the cutest black cat as well. She met a man who was a wizard and its the only wizard I've ever known (excepting shamans). He was more aware that he had power from previous lifetimes, and he treated the witch badly. He did not seem to be a lightworker, yet she had a lot of light. I always thought she was so much stronger than he. Neither were wise ones, however.

10 Characteristics Of Wise Ones

1. According to Doreen Virtue, they are intense, exotic, and eccentric. They are also powerful magicians and old souls. They have probably mastered the physical dimension and ascended into their light bodies. They come back to earth out of love to help humanity and bring balancing energies to this yet dark realm of ours.

2. They are often tall, with oval faces and unusual eyes. People say starseeds have unusual eyes but in fact I have noticed it is the wise ones who have remarkable and unusual, if not downright hypnotic, eyes. They are grave, often serious, and a little darkish in energy (but not intent).

3. They often dress to suit days gone by, from romantic eras where they were free to dress flamboyantly and often did, in long robes or gowns that make them appear majestic, or they are bejeweled and dramatic looking. The men with long hair tied back and the women wearing their long hair flowing free.

4. They are teachers of the race, and remind me of ascended masters in their sternness but also love, like they look on humanity as young children. Humans think they are oh so grown up and responsibly, but to wise ones the humans appear as babes, wet behind the ears. They cannot help but to love us. They can be protective, authoritative, but ultimately kind. They are just kind, and I think it must be their great age and experience. Think Gandalf - stern one minute to make a needed point, then suddenly soft and kind. They can hardly help it.

5. It is said they were once humans like the rest of us. They have evolved out of the human stage and moved onto the next level of evolvement into higher dimensions. They are here to cheer us on so we can be like they are now.

6. They naturally study anything to do with magic, astrology, paganism, herbs, healing, crystals, etc. They are probably just remembering things they already mastered in the past. They are hesitant or scared to use they powers (of which they have many) because of past memories of persecution and witch burnings where they were all but wiped off this surface world).

7. Wise Ones and elementals are good friends, who worked together well in the days when wise ones lived on the earth. Elementals trusted them and showed themselves to them. They do not do this for humans because they do not especially like humans. Elementals work under the direction of angels, but will have also worked with the wise ones during those times. Their job is to look after nature (animals and plants, etc). While humans trod on nature roughshod, the wise ones are aware that nature is to be protected and honoured.

8. Common health issues can include heart problems, an overloaded heart from the stress of watching the destruction of this earth, and from humans warring against other humans - not easy for a masterly race to watch! Wise ones are love incarnate.

9. They go about their tasks without any fan fair or need for attention. They are above most human games but some of them can get caught in ego. Possible examples of wise ones in acting include Cate Blanchett, Angelica Huston, and Jack Nicholson.

10. When it comes to life missions and career, this is what Doreen Virtue says on the topic:

"Due to your many lifetimes of spiritual learning and teaching, you’d probably enjoy a career as a spiritual teacher, astrologer, psychic, spiritual healer, channeler, or oracle card reader. Most Wise Ones don’t do well as employees or followers, unless you respect your boss or leader. You would make an excellent company president or entrepreneur, especially with your organizational skills combined with your intuitive knowledge of how to improve situations."

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