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What Is Ascension?

Ascension is a rapid increase in evolution whereby humans bring in higher spiritual aspects of their selves and awaken to higher truths, psychic awareness, and a massive jump in personal love and light quotient. If it sounds exciting, that's because it is! Since Ascension forms quite a large discussion, we will endeavour to keep this simple and understandable.

Am I Ascending?

The answer is yes. If you are living on earth, then not only are you currently ascending in some form in your everyday life, but you have agreed to ascend before you were born here. If you are reading this page, then you have probably come some way already, or are ready to take that first step.


Ascension is basically a rise in our consciousness, and it is a spiritual process. If you do not resonate with the word spiritual, then think of it as gaining more love. Our chakras open during ascension to become more active, and this includes the Heart. The heart must open further in order to ascend. The spiritual chakras such as the Crown on top of the head (that sacred chakra) will also be opening to let in more spiritual light or knowledge from above. The 'above' is the Higher Self or the more spiritual aspect of self that resides in higher dimensions.

Becoming Interdimensional

Basically what humans are doing by ascending is bringing in their higher aspects that already exist in higher dimensions.

We begin to blend with our own angelic selves, and bring it down through our chakra system into our bodies and so onto earth.

We are ascending our whole society and planet in a revolution of consiousness. It is a revolution of love.

As humans, we used to naturally exist in a higher form until we "fell" from light, down gradually into the form we see today: the human who experiences darkness in the form of dark thoughts, actions and emotions. Ascension is slowly lifting us out of this state one by one in a quiet, spiritual revolution. We don't have to worry about if we know how to do it. By choosing to be our best self in every situation, choosing love above all else, we are in fact ascending. It really is that easy.

Animals And Children Are Ascending

Not only those reading this page are ascending, but so are our children and all animals and plants. The children being born now are often old souls coming through, and they are very wise and often come in very psychic. They are not like we were (especially the older generations) when we were born.

Something wonderful is happening to our pets as well. It is said that in the future, many animals will choose to become vegetarian, as will people, as they keep evolving in consciousness. We could not say exactly when. Have you noticed the revolution in consciousness yet? Have you noticed that people are wishing more and more for positive, and loving solutions to all of humanities problems? This will continue as we ascend more and more from the old, dark 3D or dimension and into the 4 and 5D realities.

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