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Incarnated Unicorns

Before we talk about incarnated unicorns, lets talk about what unicorns are. Unicorns hold the same vibration as the angelic kingdom, so they are very pure, light and angelic. They are usually white with a twisted horn, and most of them are of the Light.
Unicorns were once part of this world, but like fairies and merpeople had to move into another dimension because the people of earth tended to chase them. Whether it was for healing or for darker means, people began to become aware of their wisdom and wanted to get some of that for themselves. As they began to become desirable and were hunted, they decided to take refuge in a higher realm on earth until the people were more ready for them.

Unicorns are very gentle and loving, with much knowledge. Some people say they have all ascended although whether this is true is not known.

For some time they stayed in this world and lived in the forests, perhaps the Enchanted Forests, but now we barely see or hear anything about them. Yet their souls may incarnate as human and walk amongst us. There are not many incarnated unicorns amongst us but there are a few, here and there. They have a very pure consciousness, perhaps not of this world, and would tend to be loners as well.

Back in the day, unicorns were hunted and killed for their horns. As unicorns were so wise, their horns reputedly contained power that could bring the owners almost anything they wanted. Of course our world is not the kind of world where it would be safe for them to stay.

The last time the unicorns were here physically is probably back in Lemurian days when mankind was young and much more telepathic; we are talking 100,000 years ago. This was before even the darkness that came to earth with Atlantis, back when mankind was changed genetically to become less than they were. Mankind was still living in the "dreamtime" where they could manifest anything they pleased and were innocent, living in a higher dimension to what we live in now. As we began to fall through the dimensions and drop down, losing our innocence, we became unfriendly to the unicorn, desiring to get back perhaps some of what we had lost.

However, although Unicorns are gone, they remain a part of this world. They are still here to help us but they no longer show themselves in their natural form. Instead, they prefer to be born or incarnate as a human in order to better understand who and what we are. When they do this, they still retain their wisdom and their heritage and may feel a strong pull towards the 'idea' of their kind.

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