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Incarnated Merpeople, Undines & Sprites

mermaidIncarnated Merpeople strike me as very laid back and 'go with the flow' people, and coming from the water element we can see why they are so cruisey and flow-y. This makes them immediately quite different from elves or faeries since elves can be extremely ambitious, and fairy types are typically soft and sweet.

The mermaids are highly intuitive, psychic and are strong emotional empaths with many powers of healing, which kind of sets them apart. My feeling is that there aren't as many incarnated here at this time as there as elves, faeries, and pixies, etc.

Merpeople, undines and water sprites are of the water element and so they are nature spirits, guardians & keepers of the oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. The sprites and nymphs are more like water fairies, and so they seem to belong to the fairy realm, but I mention them here because they care for what is contained in water, oceans, etc.

The water elementals who incarnate in human form are quite adventurous in coming here since they are like a 'fish out of water' so to speak. Although they always love the ocean best and can find it challenging to be away from water, the most daring of them incarnate in human form to spread the pure love from the oceanic nature realm. We will discuss their traits and characteristics below, but first let's touch on some of the obvious myths regarding mermaids.

Mermaid Myths

Mermaids are often depicted as cold-hearted, unloving, unloved, or cruel. This is a really big myth. In the past people believed that because the ocean is cold, so are they. Yet think about how joyful dolphins are who also inhabit the cold ocean. Incarnated mermaids are usually emotionally detached but never unloving. Their emotional detachment is zen-like and shows their spiritual advancement. Being 'detached' is the cornerstone of Buddhism and other philosophies and is far from being unloving. Those who achieve detachment free themselves up to be more loving. It is essentially our attachment to people and things that causes issues, problems and wars. To learn about detachment, read about Zen.

Another myth about mermaids, a silly one, is that they lured men at sea with hypnotic voices, luring them cruelly to their death for no good reason. While mermaids are very exotic and alluring to human men, they do not lure men to harm them, in fact they have told me they never do this. They might lure men who they are interested in, and charm those who will benefit from it, for example, it might just make someones day. They tell me they are completely harmless. Having sensed mermaid energy, I support this and the rest is myth. As for their singing voice, they claim to have a sublime voice yet it is used harmlessly to bring pleasure, never pain. The entire Siren myth is misleading and incorrect.

mermaid face

Mermaid Traits & Characteristics

1. Deep, Emotional, Psychic, Powerful, Pure
This is hard to describe unless you can touch it or merge with it yourself. I have to say this stuff can hook you. I believe the mermen (the male merpeople) are the same - they are very alluring to human women! They will find at least one human female a day offers to sleep with them. When I tune into merman energy, I can see why. Its quite a revelation. (I also find the elves alluring, both male and female but they lake the sheer power of those merpeople).

2. They are one with water. Basically the merpeople ARE love because water is love. Water itself is alive and has a soul. Water is part of God the same as everything else. Merpeople can get both love and sustenance from water; the prana/chi in it can feed them. I can experience water through linking with them, and their soul is the same as the water (that is how I feel it). This experience has made me see water a little differently.

3. They have a love and a zest for life, they love to experience our world, the human world, but are never a part of it. Whilst other realms seem to get very caught up in human "stuff" whilst here, merpeople never do. I am told this is because of their purity, the fact that water is so pure in consciousness. So more than other realms, they maintain a lot of spiritual knowingness, detachment and wisdom and tend to need to pretend they are human so that they fit in.

4. They see relationships differently. Unlike humans who try to possess or own their love interest, merpeople do not. The advantage of being detached is that they can enjoy a relationship and love the person but, if the other person leaves them for any reason, they move on immediately. They do not place their happiness dependent on anyone else. They do not participate in normal human bonding, they will not bond emotionally with their mate, ever. Their happiness and contentment comes from inside them. This is something humans have yet to master. It's very Buddhist.

5. No sense of time. Often they are unaware of time passing, and unaware of what day of the week it is. This is a sign that they live in the eternal Now moment, a symptom of a higher dimensional being. They in fact sense time correctly, in that it is not truly linear - the past, present and future are simultaneous. Some advanced beings on earth have mastered this but most have not.

6. Very giving and loving. They are soft and they love to give. In a way they are the same as incarnated angels in this regard. Like the angels, they do learn to limit their giving so as to not be stalked or taken advantage of.

7. They are Emotional Empaths. This goes without saying. Water is emotion. They can sense our emotions so easily, they are like master empaths. Many mermaids use this empathy to heal others quite selflessly, just because they can. They perform energy healing, usually at a distance, for they are so giving of themselves.

Physical Appearance

The way incarnated mermaids prefer to dress is in pretty or exotic feminine clothing that accentuates their female from. Being water elementals, they like the colours of blue and green. They also like to have long, flowing hair that may be dyed an exotic colour, or to wear pretty accessories in their hair.

I would love to mention some celebrity merpeople but I haven't spotted any and some say they are never famous. They live more ordinary lives out of the spotlight. You can find some on youtube - they look exactly like merpeople, or you can link with them psychically.

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