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Incarnated Elves, Fairies & Pixies

colourful elfIf you suspect you are an incarnated elf, fairy or pixie then this will interest you. If you aren't, you'll still be in awe that such a thing is possible.

The elementals, like the other earth angel realms, sometimes incarnate into human form to pass on lessons to humanity. They are essentially nature spirits who are concerned about the survival of earth, so their lessons are about fixing and healing nature, the environment and caring for the planet.

Elves belong to the Earth element, whilst Faeries belong to the Air, Earth, Water and Fire and as you will see, there are differences between these realms. Many people put elves and faeries into the same category, but they are very different in nature. They have completely different characteristics and traits although their desire to protect nature is the same.

Incarnated Elves

Your basic incarnated elf is tall, thin, robust, healthy, funny, entertaining and quite mischievous. Elves have a reputation for partying. Imagine the elf elementals living in the forest, taking care of nature from their higher dimension which renders them invisible to humans. They do their work during the day but at night they party...every night. In the higher octave where they dwell they do not have money, they are not slaves, and they do not have those worries. Their entire life is a celebration! They gather in groves to sing and dance and party the whole night away.

Their energy is playful but elves do have a serious edge to them. Its true they like to prank, but sometimes their pranks affect others negatively or harshly. They revere nature, both plants and animals/insects. They abhor destruction of the natural habitat that is their home, and abhor chemicals that affect the air, ground and water. It kills nature. None of this makes any sense to them. Some of those who care most are born into our world to help humans see sense. They often work for organisations that care for the planet.

elf readingPerhaps to deal with the human world and its harshness, they can be prone to emotional problems and also addictions. They can heal by being close to nature and spending time alone. When partying, they can be the life of a party, but when recharging they can be aloof or cooler. Don't disturb their alone time and allow them to go off into nature where they may talk about their problems with the trees. Yes, many of them can communicate with trees for they are of the earth element.

I am told that elves can have a strong warrior energy - which is untrue of the other elementals such as faeries and merpeople. Elves are also often depicted in fantasy as warriors, fighters, archers and swordsmen. Whilst in real life elves do not carry weapons, they do have a strong fighting energy. Many of the other elementals are very soft (for example, fairies discussed below). Elves will give as good as they get. If you know one, you will realise how stubborn they are. They can also be charmers and, if you are partial, they can mesmerise. Unlike mermaids who may use their powers of mesmerism for good, elves may use it to get what they want, it just depends. They are still learning lessons about how to use their powers over humans. Elves tend to be less giving sometimes than say fairies, mermaids and other elementals.

They are also extremely competitive over certain things. Being good at sport, they pride themselves on winning. In life too, they do not always seek win-win situations but enjoy besting others (again it is the warrior energy that runs deep). I've seen it several times, the small look on their face (that they quickly hide) when they crush an opponent. They are highly intelligent and adaptive. I lost an elf friend once when they found out I was better at them in something very important to them. This person felt they were much better than I was, so it instantly ended a relationship. There was no guilt and little sorrow, it was simply unacceptable that another person be better - they could not deal with it. Sometimes an elf's competitive edge can cause them to badmouth others if they get too carried away. Winning can mean the world to them. Of course many humans are this way too.

Elf-kind are almost always born in the human world under an earth sun sign, such as Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, and the first two of these signs are very stubborn. An elf may never back down once angered, and will support their own position even when they know it is wrong, at which point they can become recalcitrant, defiant or sulky. Watch Thranduil in 'The Hobbit' movies for there is some truth to this depiction. An elf can hold a mighty grudge, even if it isn't deserved. Inside they will strenuously hide their great hurt so you cannot see it. They are the strongest of the elementals but may not understand their own turbulent emotions at times. Go easy on them and let them be in peace.

Incarnated Fairies, Faeries, Fae, Fay

fairyFairies are delicate beings of love, joy and lightheartedness. They are female in nature and are gentle, not warrior-like. They are also very concerned about how we humans are running this world. Occasionally a fairy spirit will incarnate as human to spread their softness and love. They are 'air' elementals, although some say there are different kinds of fairies belonging to each of the elements.

A great example of a fairy that comes to mind is Kylie Minogue when she played the absinthe induced 'Green Fairy' in Moulin Rouge. She is very petite, perfectly formed and fairy-like. See her joy and lightness, with an air of fantasy to her. In fact, she may be more Nymph-like or Sprite-like, that is my feeling. What I notice about incarnated fairies is they can wear little clothing but still appear ultra classy. There is nothing unwholesome about fairies, who are of a high vibration.

I feel like another celebrity who has fairy energy is Miranda Kerr; she is soft and fantasy-like with an air of someone who would never harm. Some can definitely be more mature, whilst younger fairies are more playful and sprite-like. Fairies are intelligent and deep thinking so don't underestimate fairy energy. I feel like they are here to spread magic and wonder, and remind us of the sheer wonder in this world that we serious humans would not normally notice.

Male faeries or fae are usually referred to as Leprechauns. This makes some sense if you have ever wondered where the male faeries are. Also, leprechauns are male and never female. The idea that they ARE the male fae is very interesting.

Wouldn't it be magical to see a real fairy in the garden? They are sacred beings who have not been touched with human-like, destructive emotions. They are light and wherever they go they lighten the situation. If you are clairaudient, you can speak to them. I normally work with angels, but some fairies spoke to me whilst writing this article with a few words they wanted included.

Pixies, Imps, Nymphs, Sprites, etc

pixie facePixies are a bit like elves, especially in appearance, but are softer and more playful in energy. They are not fighting beings; like most elementals they live in harmony with each other and their environment. There are both male and female pixies. What I feel when I tune in on this is that Imps especially play lots of tricks and probably get up to a lot of pranks. Sometimes young fairies are called Pixies.

A celebrity that Doreen Virtue mentions in her book as an elemental is Julia Roberts - could she be a Pixie or Imp? Her mysterious and cheeky smile makes me think she could have pixie energy. She is so unique and soft in nature. Her joy shines out and she dances to the beat of her own drum. She also possesses that strong elemental stubbornness and her eyes are endlessly mischievous. I could see her spreading some pixie magic wherever she goes.

There are many other elemental beings such as gnomes (earth), trolls, goblins (who are both good or bad), brownies (who do household chores). I am not sure that all of these incarnate into human form but they probably do - at least nothing would surprise me. Incarnated elementals have fairies as spirit guides.

Their Relationship With Humans

Elementals abound anywhere there is nature, and may well appear in animal form if they are spotted, such as dragonflies, birds or rabbits. I suspect, because they are higher vibrational than humans, they can simply be invisible to us.

Since they do not trust humans, for good reason, they rarely show themselves to us anymore, and may feel we don't deserve to even see them. Even though they are little folk, they have strong feelings. Once humans ascend in vibration to match theirs, maybe we will all work together to protect nature. In folk law, many of these elementals can be tricksy and lead humans astray, willfully helping them to become lost or confused.

Some can even be on the 'evil' side of the fence. Those kinds do not incarnate as human to help us learn about nature - only the more friendly and evolved do this. In general, human-elemental relations have not been good over the last few centuries as we have destroyed forests and pumped chemicals into earth, water and air. Can we blame them, when we are singlehandedly destroying the environment that is their home? Some relations remain good however, when garden elementals trust the people who own the garden, and they may have a positive standing and understanding together.

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