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Incarnated Elementals

Incarnated Elementals, like fairies, elves or pixies, are souls who are born into human bodies but originate from other earth realms, like in a fairytale except it happens for reasons of teaching humanity. Just as we have seen with Incarnated Angels and Starseeds, this group of people called Incarnated Elementals bring with them the characteristics of their Earth Realm.

The elementals are basically nature spirits and can be broken into the four elements of earth, air, water and fire. Normally they exist in a higher dimension to humanity and from there they busily maintain nature and the planet. To read more about them and where they come from, navigate to the article Elementals.


Types Of Elementals

Nature spirits are usually small beings that vibrate very highly (which means we can't see them unless they allow us to). Different types include fairies, elves, pixies, leprechauns, gnomes, mer-people (sea), dragons, unicorns, etc. There are also much larger nature spirits for larger jobs. We are most familiar with the types that command the earth and sea. There are also fire and air elementals, though I am not sure that they incarnate as often as the earth and water ones.

Only the evolved kinds of elementals can incarnate in human form. Many are like children and are not mature; they are endlessly mischievous and would not understand the human world. So when an elemental incarnates, they are evolved and serious about their mission, which is usually to help nature and the planet in some important way.

Characteristics Of Elementals

Now that you know about elementals, how can you recognise if you are one, or someone you know? It's easier than you may realise. The following is a list of the most common elemental traits:
1. A love of nature, protective of nature, an anger at anyone who harms the natural world (yes that includes litterbugs). They work to stop pollution, deforestation and other harmful or deliberate acts against Mother Earth.

2. It is absolutely imperative that elementals live close to nature and spend time in it. To be without nature will bring on suffering and depression. They need to spend time alone in nature to recharge and balance.

3. They are mischievous and fun-loving. They like to prank others. You can't stop them from doing this, it is part of the world they come from. Unlike humans who are overly serious, elementals haven't lost their way and are linked to their true nature. They want to have fun. They are prone to party a lot, even partying into old age, and may seem like they never really grow up. Don't judge them, for they hold to different standards to the rest of us. Many of their pranks can seem inappropriate, so they do get into trouble frequently or annoy a lot of people. If you are not familiar with them, it can take a little while to get the hang of the elemental folk.

4. Very sensitive beings. Overall, they are passionate and deep, often very charming and disarming to us lesser beings; they are also romantic. You will see the elementals looking for their soulmate, not happy until they find them. When inclined, they are prone to being aloof, which is an indication that they need to be alone.

5. Not usually ones to listen to authority, they are rebellious by nature and will do their own thing. Unlike humans, they are not as easy to brainwash for they follow the beat of their own drums. They tend to be connected to something higher and spiritual, and do not loose that connection after birth into the human world.

6. Like most of the beings from the angel realms, the elementals can feel like they do not fit in and can feel isolated, some of them can have money issues as well.

7. They are spiritual, sincere and usually very loyal. When single, they can be known for enjoying many partners or being promiscuous. With their charm, they can easily attract partners and enjoy this aspect of life. They don't necessarily like to be alone but prefer to be surrounded my many people.

8. On the down side, they can tend to be selfish sometimes, wanting things their way, and are maybe not good at compromise. They can be seen as insensitive if they do not go to any effort. They can be prone to starting arguments if they think it will get them what they want. When they can't get their way, they may suffer from violent mood swings.

9. Elementals make good couples together. Also, elementals work well with incarnated angels as partners since they are quite similar. Both the angels and the elementals dance to the beat of their own drums, neither listening much to authority, and both are very light and fun-loving. Both are loving and spiritual beings and in fact really do make a match made in heaven if they are good communicators together (see example below of this match up).

10. Many are earth and water sun-signs. This may be due to the fact they are earth and water elementals mainly who incarnate.

11. In relationships, elementals have a lot of stubbornness and trust issues. This is typical of them. They seem to carry around a lot of anger and can also suffer with addictions. They are not easy to get along with and may need a lot of talking out of differences. I have found that they are quite reasonable if you can get them to listen to your side (good luck), and once you explain things in a way they can understand, they may start to agree with you. But if you know one of these elementals, you may get a lot of distrustful looks, receive a lot of brushoffs, and eventually go elsewhere to find a partner who is more willing to trust. Elementals have a huge distrust of humans after thousands of years of feeling helpless and watching humans hurt the planet and other creatures.

12. As mentioned, elementals can commonly turn to addictions, and have addictive personalities. They can even be a bit paranoid. Once they are convinced a person can't be trusted, even if it is the one they love the most, they can ditch them very fast and without emotion. Doreen Virtue discusses this in her book, and this is absolutely true. It can be most mystifying if one does not know about incarnated elementals, because their ditching techniques can blow your mind. Take an elemental like Legolas the elf (who is fictional but rather accurate - thanks Orlando Bloom for such a convincing performance). Merely cross Legolas in any way or lose his trust, and it will never be recovered. You would be lucky if he even looked at you ever again.

The cold brush off can be standard for the elemental, especially incarnated elves. As Doreen says, they have an "off with your head" mentality that is final. Don't bother crying about it. Unfortunately, elementals can end things before knowing all the facts and so be mistaken, and then live the rest of their days loathing someone who never actually did wrong. Stubborn creatures the elementals. Did I mention they can be paranoid? Their go-to opinion is never to think highly...perhaps for good reason...they are on guard against the rest of the earth's inhabitants.


Physical Characteristics

Elementals can be born into any race (light or dark skinned). When they are Caucasian however, they are known for having red or reddish hair, freckles, especially thin, and telling eyes. Their soul shows in their eyes so they have mischievous eyes that let you know they are not overly serious but rather fun-loving and warm. They always have intelligent eyes. They also tend to look just how we imagine their type to look, fairies look like fairies, sprites like sprites and so on.

Examples Of Elementals

Doreen Virtue gives some examples such as Robbin Williams and Ellen DeGeneres being elementals. Also Julia Roberts. You can see these personalities being mischievous, fun, and light. Notice the eyes can see it in the eyes. Another is Mischa Barton who seems elfin to me.

An example I like to give is from the movie Avatar. The blue people (the Na'vi) live on a moon called Pandora. These natives are like elementals in some ways, being totally in touch with the soul of their world and working with nature, not against it. We see the two main characters are Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). Sam is a perfect example of an incarnated angel, whilst to me, Zoe makes for a great elemental being. Angels are known for "rescuing" since they love nothing better than helping people or entire planets. Elementals often need rescuing (from their various addictions), and so this match up of angel-elemental is a good one for both.

Having witnessed such a relationship, the incarnated angel and elemental are usually like, "Why does the other love me?" It can be strange if they are not used to dating the other earth realm, for example the angel never dated an elemental before. They can wonder why the match is so strong, it can be inexplicable but it just works. They may both try dating starseeds, who are more numerous on the earth, but find this more difficult. Angels and elementals just seem to compliment each other so well since both are fun-loving. These relationships can seem amazing and surreal.

Avatar is a great movie because it shows how humans are capable of invading other worlds after they have finished destroying the natural world on their own. The humans in the movie have no respect for nature, preferring to please the "shareholders". On the other hand, elementals find this unbelievably atrocious. No other race in the universe is capable of such destruction more so than humans (except for darkly evil races - but even they know better than to destroy their OWN world). So the movie Avatar shows the stark difference in values between humans and elementals.

This destructive scenario is exactly why, out of extreme concern, the elementals incarnate into the human world to try to make a difference to saving planet earth before it is too late. You can almost always find them championing the cause of environmentalism.


Elementals Affected By Earth Energies

If you have read this far, then congrats. I just want to add a caveat of types to this discussion. I feel like when we consider subjects like starseeds, incarnated angels and elementals, we can sometimes tend to think of them as perfected beings. This really isn't true, and it is best not to romanticise them. I say this because folk who incarnate as humans on this world get caught in many of the same traps that humans do! If you think about it, they come in here and dwell in the same consciousness grids that humans do, so they can start to think the same way as everyone else.

I have seen incarnated angels who become most enamored of material objects, and even their own sense of ego. I believe it is more difficult for elementals to be materialistic, they tend to be minimalists, but elementals can fall into all sorts of traps like ego or need for attention, or even power. Many do not fall into these traps, but it does happen. I mention this so that we do not put them on a pedestal but realise that they too are fallible and do lose their way sometimes like the rest of us.

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