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Incarnated Elementals Mission

We have spoken already about the traits of incarnated elementals, but what kind of tasks are they passionate about? Why are they here? This has already been hinted at in the last article but let's explore this more fully in case you, or someone you know, is an incarnated elemental (i.e. faerie, elf, pixie, etc.)


Passionate About Nature

All incarnated elementals care passionately about planet earth. Unlike many humans on the surface of this world, who are actively destroying the natural world, elementals are very in touch with nature and intrinsically understand that when we destroy nature, we eventually destroy all life and the planet itself. This is by far the major reason they are incarnating into human bodies at this time. They don't usually do this kind of activity, but they feel they must be a part of what is happening rather than sitting around and watching humanity destroy their planet. The planet belongs to the elementals, animals and plant life too.

It is most natural to find incarnated elementals working with nature or rescuing nature, preserving nature, fighting for it or teaching and educating others about the importance of keeping the kingdoms of nature alive and thriving. It is natures right to exist, just as much as any other kingdom. Mankind is not more important than the natural world. It is not for us to have dominion over and above nature. It is the tiny elementals who keep the plants alive, flying around tending them. Water elementals keep the water healthy and doing what it should, and the air elementals try to deal with the pollution we as humans keep pumping it out; they can barely cope. They understand about nature where most humans simply do not, or will not. So these are some of the areas incarnated elementals can be found carrying out their earth missions.

Stand Up For The Animal Kingdom

You will never find more staunch supporters of animals (including insects, etc.) than incarnated elementals. This means that often it is part of their formal missions to protect or heal animals. Once again, animals are our equals, not something to use as we please or treat badly, or wipe off the planet. Perhaps the elementals are the only sane ones when it comes to trying to save this world. You will find them working with animals and all causes that help animals and their environment. Thank you incarnated elementals.


Protective Of Earth's Water

Our earth is two thirds covered in water, and this means Life for the planet. Many people never contemplate our healthy water or what we would do without it, but incarnated elementals (the mermaids) care a lot. The water elementals are called slyphs but mostly we call the incarnated ones mermaids, in their various kinds, like merangels, merfairies, and starmaids (part starseed). These terms reflect the different influences of different realms, or more than one realm.

These incarnated elementals will care about protecting all of our oceans, lakes, rivers, polar caps and ice regions, and water in general. They will likely work in these areas or volunteer in these environmental areas.

Protecting Trees

Incarnated elementals certainly desire to protect trees, especially old and wise ones that contain a great indwelling Spirit. Of course some trees can live for a thousand years, and without saying these need to be protected. Trees have every right to live on the world as we do and their homes should be sacred.

Trees are also known to harbor a lot of anger towards humans for our ill treatment. Sometimes they are decimated for no good reason at all; isn't this murder? Just because they can't talk to us or wave their branches at us to stop, doesn't mean they aren't intelligent and feeling creatures. I believe some people can talk to trees, and we can certainly all respect them and their rights. God put them on our world and here is where they belong.

In Entertainment, Comedy Or Film

Elementals are usually outgoing and have sparking personalities and fun-loving ways. They are light and are natural-born entertainers. They are never usually downcast or serious (unless they are suffering from occasional depression, to which they are be prone) so they do well in front of other people. In fact, incarnated elementals enjoy attention. You might even say they are happy to seek it out.

They can feel a need to lighten up the rest of us. Starseeds can be very serious, and although incarnated angels are also natural clowns, they can also be on the serious side. But the elementals, can you say Fun? They will act as though there are no boundaries. They will disrupt, prank, joke, and don't ignore them, they want you to see and hear them. They will talk in loud voices and enliven everyone, and you can hardly help but join in, even when they are being annoying. They don't need an excuse to start a party, life IS a party and they are right about that, they need to remind us serious ones.

So put the elementals onto a stage - acting, singing, dancing (or a catwalk to strut their stuff). They rarely look cheap or tawdry even if dressed in lingerie sliding up and down a catwalk - they just look adorable. Some are endlessly comedic so give them a microphone. Give them their own show. Let them sing up a storm and play it on the radio. All of this is good for elementals, because they want to light up the room and sparkle; they do it effortlessly. The more you smile and enjoy, the happier they are.

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