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Incarnated Dolphins

Think of Sirians when you think of Dolphins. You see, dolphins and whales originate from Sirius B and have been on earth since before humanity. They are great Guardians of this world and do so alone although humans are meant to be helping them. We will be joining them in this role after our ascension has taken place.


Many of us Lightworkers have experienced one or more dolphin lifetimes. In turn, the dolphins have always incarnated to a small extent but are doing so in greater numbers to help us change and ultimately ascend. They come from Sirius B, which is their homeworld. These beings are wise and loving, and only wish the best for us. You will find that they smile and laugh a lot and are very light of energy. Look at how playful dolphins are and imagine them in the flesh of man. These beautiful beings contain all that is needed to bring us increased light and love.

Both whales and dolphins are very healing creatures for our earth sending out waves of light or christ-light to heal and maintain the planet. Without them, the earth would not survive. Let's take a look at some of their main characteristics.

Characteristics Of Incarnated Dolphins

1. A Need To Be Near The Ocean. These beings love water and you will find that they need to be somewhere near if not on the water. They will go to the ocean as often as they can to swim and frolic. If they cannot get to water of any kind, they can get downcast and depressed. They will live close to it and swim in it often, if not daily. They will be attracted to all kinds of sports on or in the ocean and are very athletic as well.

2. Freedom. They are truly Free Spirits and you cannot put them into a box, they won't allow it. They must have their freedom to move and act in life. They don't like to feel restricted but prefer a more natural life for the most part.

3. Sensitive & Empathic. Like many other Star Children, the dolphins are highly sensitive and empathic; they can feel what you feel and they will want to help you. Imagine being in the same skin as them, for that is how it feels to them. They know what you are feeling - try to be kind to them.

4. Dreams About Dolphins. Constant dreams about being in the water and around other dolphins. They also dreaming of 'home' (Sirius B - where they come from). In dreams they may live or breath underwater. They can also have out-of-body experiences and astral travel during sleep which they remember, or go travelling during meditation, going to water.

5. Naturally Telepathic. This is natural for them so, as children, let them talk about what they get telepathically or they can tend to shut it down. They can be a little autistic and may not talk immediately, having delayed speach, but will grow out of this as they get older. Parents should encourage them gently.

6. Animals & Environment. Like many other Star Children, the incarnated dolphins will love animals and the environment, and may work in some area to protect or secure them.They can work in or on the ocean in some capacity, for example, marine biology or oceanography.

7. Huge Eyes. They can have large and beautiful eyes, which is a characteristic you may see. Also there may be some slight webbing on their hands or feet. Sometimes their skin can be problematic when they are out of water as well.

8. Sensitive To Sound. Its not surprising that they are sensitive to sound and may enjoy singing, music, or even toning.

The Indigo and Crystal children may become Dolphin Children also by vibrating at a certain rate as to allow them into this category.

Lemuria and Atlantis

In Lemurian and Atlantian times, dophins and humans used to work closely together because both are Guardians of planet earth; they would be achieving their guardian tasks and working with energy, etc. Many people back then (before our genetic alteration at the end of Atlantis) were a lot like dolphins and were Merpeople. Merpeople are actually from Sirius B, an ascended planet. They could change their body to become more able to swim or even breath underwater. Then on land they could change back to human form. It was easier back then because they were more 'etheric' and less physical like we are now.

Many people have done past life regressions to Atlantis and remembered this, bringing back this strange story. However, it does make a little sense that, back then, we worked as proper guardians of this world and so of course worked closely with dolphins and merpeople.

Sirius B is a water world so is mostly water. As an ascended planet the inhabitants are dolphins, whales and merpeople. Whales are amazing creatures that actually contain a Soul Family of dolphins, up to 100 for very big whales. This makes the whale kind of like a ship - in any case, it contains the consciousness of very many dolphins.

Doreen Virtue states that incarnated dolphins have bodies shaped like a dolphin and most have oval, gray eyes. She says you may tell by the way they express laughter, a snickering laugh similar to actual dolphins.

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