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I Fell In Love With An Elemental

This is the story about my love for an Incarnated Elemental, one of the elven kind. At first I never suspected he was an elf and never clearly knew how some elemental spirits can be born in a human body - if they are adventurous enough. They blend in with us but are essentially very different and untamed. But now I know enough to talk about it and share this story. This man has all the traits of the incarnated elementals down to a tee, yet he also has a love of power. He has an obsession with power that he hides well. Let me tell you about him.

elf reading

An Elemental Soul

The usual elemental traits can be read about in Incarnated Elementals. He is tall, thin, social, always out at night, loves to party, independent, earth sign, competitive and all of the other traits; he simply has them all. He is lots of fun and is passionate. He loves to find a female and love her. But he isn't human, and he isn't even a starseed. Starseeds are very intelligent and wise, but they can be a little boring sometimes. He, on the other hand, is just fun, entertaining, smart and the life of the party.

Unfortunately for me, I love the charm of elementals and I find them *eke* exotic. Basically I'm a sitting duck for them. Even female elementals are charming and fascinating. I think its my angelic energy. As Doreen Virtue said, angels and elementals go together well because angels always want someone to fix and elementals need lots of fixing.

I love what Dion Fortune says about elementals. She calls it as it is and states "human contact with elementals is detrimental, destructive and dangerous to humans". She is not wrong because we are so different in our basic natures. Yet I'm not all human either, being a mix of angelic and Pleiadian etc. So what is it that I can pass on to anyone curious about elementals or who may know one casually?

My main problems were that (1) he was basically too suspicious, even paranoid sometimes (2) he loved his friends who unfortunately hated me, and (3) he craved power, like CRAVED it. That last was too much for him as I happened to have a kind of power, in the afterlife, and that pretty much destroyed him. He thought he was so much better than me, and was happy to lower himself to love me, the funny, silly little me - but he could never achieve what I had quietly achieved. It made him rebel in the after life....

Competitive & Seeks Power

I've talked a lot about how suspicious elementals can be in other articles, but there is another trait you may not realise. They like to think about how "noble" they are, for real, how skilled and better at things they are to others, however it often becomes obsession with them. The desire for total power and popularity isn't obvious to us onlookers at first association, but it is very much there, sometimes even in female elementals.

Elementals can seem too goofy to want overt power. They are the hilarious jokers, often taking jokes way too far for everyone else. They like to be hilarious and they have fun. It might turn your stomach and frequently does, so you have to get used to their weird sense of humour. But they are hilarious, right? Well, I've often noticed a serious edge to their jokes. But they say it loud and everyone seems to laugh.

How competitive are they? Very! Basically many believe they are better than everyone else at everything. If they find you can do something better than them, they will probably practice until they are more skilled. They take it personally. You had better read that again because it is incredibly personal to them. Don't even show them if you are good at something they want. Keep it secret and don't let them ever find out.

There is a real edge to your elf friend that you may miss if you aren't watching. They are driven people. They are obstinate, opinionated and ambitious. It is not easy to change their mind. They are rarely soft and are battle ready at any time. They will be the best and work to show this to everyone. So what happens if you are better or more powerful and they cannot get where you got to? Fireworks. I never knew this about elves, but now I do.

The Fireworks

Because I'm a Psychic Clairvoyant, I am in contact with the future self of my elf. This is him as he exists in the afterlife. Even though he is still very much alive right now, I am busy talking to the future him who lives on after death. The fireworks have well and truly exploded because of the secrets I kept from him during our life. He never knew that I had importance in the afterlife, since I don't consider it important. But he does, and he doesn't like it. He is the only one allowed to be important and he takes it oh so personally, and is on a campaign to bring me down.

Elves seem so easygoing but inside they are intense. I've learned the hard way that if they are angry with you, some will try to hurt you, fool you, or do whatever to bring you down to where they think you belong. They are not evil at the basic level, but they can be furious if riled enough. They think it is funny too, so they will laugh as they hurt you. They are very capable of backstabbing you to others.

There may be a coldness or detachment until they meet the one they love. They are very promiscuous so do be warned. When it comes to sex, they are amped up. They are suspicious enough that they can get the wrong idea and begin to attack you, even when you are personally innocent, especially if they become paranoid about what you are about. They are impatient to get what they want and will be mortally wounded if you are slower to move ahead, if you cannot keep to their fast pace.

Fascination With Elementals

I don't want this article to be all bad, for I must profess I find elves and elementals fascinating and want to learn more about them. I cannot honestly say I regret any of this story. I'm always learning more. Despite the fighting, his future self still likes to visit at night to keep me company. Although he supposedly hates me now and thinks the worst of me, he is there to hold me. Does that seem weird? It does to me but not to him. He says things to me now like "beautiful bitch" which may be a compliment, I don't know.

Learning about elementals is new to me. There are not a great number here on earth so they're considered rare. I find them charming and altogether different to others. We both love to laugh, and we both love to love. Does all that silly "power" stuff matter anyway? Maybe to him, but I'll wait it out because I know that eventually my elemental will come back to his senses, or so my angels have told me. It may take a while, but he will come back to himself, I hope.

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