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The Earth Angel Realms

There are four major Earth Realms as identified by Doreen Virtue who are currently incarnating as human in order to help our planet complete its mission of Ascension.  They are the Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Starseeds or Star People, and the Wise Ones. They provide humanity with help to push through to the next stage of evolution into the Golden Age of Peace. Also we discuss a group called the Lost Ones, whose origins are not of Earth but who are here to raise themselves into the Light. This planet offers them one last chance to ascend before they miss this current galactic cycle of Ascension.

earth angel realms

Starseeds Or Star People

The most numerous of these races are the starseeds, who are generally gentle people who are quite unlike typical humans. For starters, they are highly intelligent and many are scientifically minded. Because of their intelligence and their origins in higher galactic civilizations, they tend to be more civilized, older souls, and much less volatile and emotional. They tend towards being logically minded and mild in mood. For those who have been on the Earth the longest, they can become slightly polluted by human attitudes and can develop bad habits if they are not careful. I like to think of the character 'Sheldon' from Big Bang Theory as one kind of starseed very easy to recognise - there are of course many other different kinds. Starseeds can typically find it challenging to blend into the 'human' world since they are not from here.

There are many articles about starseeds on this website for they have quite a few different galactic origins. If you feel like you originated from the stars and your true home is out there somewhere, you might like to begin your search here.

Incarnated Angels

It might be hard at first to believe that some angels incarnate onto this world to offer more personal help. Yet like the other earth realms, the angels are a part of what is occurring on earth at this time as it affects them as well as the entire universe. It is vital that this world move forward so that the rest of the races out there can likewise move forward (we are all connected and worlds progress together).

The angels do not want to miss the action (they love to poke their noses in! and love to 'play' at being human), so of course some angels are here also, bringing softness, acceptance and love. Incarnated angels are typified by their big, giving hearts, loving natures, and loving to step in to rescue others who are in need. If you are a big, old giver, and you like to help others, you could be an Incarnated Angel.

white wings

Incarnated Elementals

Its not wishful thinking! Actual elementals (earth nature energies) do incarnate into human bodies, but only the more evolved ones. There are elves, fairies, pixies, gnomes, etc, and plenty of people who resonate with this and believe they are from one of these nature realms. Even such energies as dragons exist who many shamans communicate with. Whilst we don't have physical dragons in our world, wise dragon energies play a role in protecting this planet. Elementals are what keep nature running in an orderly manner whilst controlling earth, air, water and fire.

So how would you know if you were a water elemental like a merperson, or an earthly one like a fairy? You may look fairy-like and people probably comment on this all the time. Or do people think you are elfin, or dragon-like, or a troll? There is more information than can fit in this summary, so you can head to the following link to read more about Incarnated Elementals. Do you share their traits?

Incarnated Wise Ones

Wise Ones are an interesting bunch because at one stage in history they were deliberately pushed off this world during, for example, the witch huntings and burnings. They are the powerful, magical masters and wizards/witches who carry much wisdom due to their old souls.

Wise Ones are of the light although they have a stately, almost dark energy. When I think of wise ones, I often think of the character Galadriel from The Lord Of The Rings (even though confusingly she was an 'elf' or elemental). Galadriel is powerful, magical, ancient, and her demeanor very serious and a little darkish. She's of the Light and fits the description of Wise One perfectly, as does Gandalf. The wise ones (witches, wizards and sorcerers) are back on Earth living amongst us, helping humanity to evolve and get through these difficult times. There is a lot more to read about them and their characteristics, which can be done by visiting Incarnated Wise Ones.


Lost Ones

'Lost Ones' is a term I have coined to describe the millions of souls from other parts of the universe who are not lightworkers but rather are on earth to try to raise their vibration (ascend), become loving, or to sort out galactic issues and arguments that cannot be otherwise sorted because they are at an impasse. They do not form an Earth Angel realm since they are not angelic, but they are worth noting. Although their numbers are very high, one person's positive thoughts can cancel out a thousand people's negative thoughts.

Have you ever noticed that Earth is FULL of corrupted individuals, most of them acting in an inhuman way? They are incarnated as human and have a talent for stealing, corruption, manipulation, or are employed as violent militia in corrupt countries who are paid to go out and kill or imprison the innocent. To be honest, humans are not capable of this sort of abhorrent behaviour, neither are the Lightworkers. This is not to say that humans can't and don't kill, but they aren't capable of running organised crime syndicates, child slave rings, or suppressive communist countries, for example. These things are all the work of the Lost Ones who are not native to this world. The native humans tend to live work-a-day lives in mundane jobs and raise families. They are simplistic, basically loving in nature, and very innocent of what this world is really about.

The difference between humans who belong here, and the Lost Ones who are trying to return to the light by living here, is that humans are not terribly imaginative and tend to do just what they are told. They are not overly intelligent, and do what the television tells them to do, i.e. eat burgers and buy stuff. They are not independent thinkers, although they do have this ability. Humans live so simply in short because they wish to avoid responsibility for everything in this world. Generally they are the ones who don't vote, don't read, and don't think. They are not evil, they are simply happy to shirk responsibility and let the Lost Ones shape their world into a paradise for crime, greedy corporations and environmental destruction. Humans tend to believe that "others" will save them. They are basically mentally lazy but not bad.

There are many dark souls on this world from other star systems, some attracted by the prevailing darkness that exists here (God has allowed this for the Earth Experiment). This experiment is now being wrapped up and is ending, yet there are at least 500 million dark souls on this world. The lost ones are predators who come here to feed off human misery and suffering, all whilst making themselves comfortable or rich. The earth has been their playground, but this is ending. Once the worst ones are gone, the suffering can be cleaned up once and for all, planet wide. It is the challenge of the lost ones to return to the light whilst their one last window is still open. They must return to God and become more loving in order to be able to ascend with everyone else.

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