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Earth Angel Hybrids

The Earth Angel hybrids are a mix of different earth angel realms such as part Merperson and part Starseed, or part Angel and part Fairy. There are all kinds of combinations. How does one become a hybrid?

If you have studied the Four Earth Angel Realms and can see that you belong to two or more realms, it means you've spent a lot of time in more than one realm. This is not unusual. It is not that you are truly 'blended' in origin, it means you have been influenced by other realms - but you still have One origin overall. You should be able to determine which is your true origin.

Examples Of Hybrids

For example, you may have originated as an angel. By originated, I mean that this is what you were in your moment of creation, and is still what you are. But then, you may have spent thousands of years in different star systems, so much so that other starseeds can see it.

For example, I am often recognised as having Pleiadian traits, yet I'm not Pleiadian, so I denied it for a long time. My friends would be Pleiadian and men I dated were all Pleiadian. In today's new age language, this is called being a 'hybrid', or being blended. We are considered to be part 'this' and part 'that'. The truth is that we are but one origin originally, yet we can fit seamlessly into other realms because we have become just like those realms.

Where Does The Term Hybrid Come From?

Doreen Virtue introduced the term hybrid for those people who feel they have more than one major influencing realm.

The system of hybrids becomes more and more complex as time goes on, since we can have more than TWO realms, and as you become more familiar with them, you could even have four or five.

It gets to the point where you may stop counting. If this is the case, then just focus on your major realms and your true origin. Rather than calling myself a starseed which I'm not, I prefer to tell people if they ask that I spent a long time around Pleiadians and that is why they mistake me for one. I totally blend in and feel very comfortable around them, but it isn't where I started my journey.

About half of the starseeds out there fit into more than one star system. They may have been originally from Arcturius, but then spent thousands of years around Andromedans. They may consider themselves from both places if they can't work out their origin. It doesn't matter. Before long, most of us will be adding Terran to our list, or Earthian. We may not have come from here originally, but we've picked up the Terran ways and it might have changed us forever. We will be from the Earth Realm as well as all of our other Realms.

incarnated dolphins

Doreen Virtue's List Of Hybrids

Let's look at some common hybrid types that Doreen has recognised. Some of these might be rare (the ones Doreen has personally recognised). I'm familiar with many from the four earth realms but have not so far met the new ones listed below (except I have met an incarnated dolphin).

Mystic Angel - a person who has characteristics of both an Incarnated Angel and a Wise One.

Leprechaun - a person with characteristics of both an Incarnated Elemental and a Wise One.

Knights Paladin - a person with characteristics of both Wise One and Incarnated Angel. This is the same two realms as the Mystic Angel although apparently these people where knights in a past life.

Merangel - someone with characteristics of both an Angel and a Merperson (mermaid or merman).

Merfairy - someone with characteristics of a Fairy elemental and a Merperson.

Star-Mers - have characteristics of both a Starperson and a Merperson.

Mystic-Mers - have characteristics of both a Wise One and a Merperson.

Incarnated Dolphins - a person who is either a dolphin in origin, or who has lived lifetimes as a dolphin by incarnating into their realm. This is a new realm of itself and not a hybrid unless another realm is added.

As you can see, the list could be endless if we combined all the different realm combinations. I think it is best to stick with actual origin, as in where we come from, and maybe add just one additional realm if it is a major one, otherwise it becomes confusing once we reach five realms.

I know who are my starseed friends and who are the elementals and the angels. I don't need it to become endlessly confusing. Sticking to our origin is best with perhaps one additional if we feel we need it. It is not possible to hybridize the Soul anyway, and we are all just souls traveling around the universe gaining extra experience.

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