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Smoky Quartz Healing Properties

Ultimately a strongly protective stone, smoky quartz is extremely useful for many kinds of things, especially keeping one grounded during spiritual work. Also referred to as smoky 'topaz' (not a real topaz) or smoky citrine, this is an abundant stone that is easily found and purchased. It is often transparent brown to black in colour, or sometimes a lighter gray/yellow.

smoky quartzsmoky quartz ring

Resonating Chakras

  • Root Chakra

Emotional, Spiritual & Healing Properties

A very cleansing stone that can be worn or carried to keep negative energies and thoughts from others away, acting as a protective shield. Keeps energy uplifted, banishes confusion, fear and apathy. Will remove niggling doubts whilst helping sooth anxiety as well. Can help with depression or suicidal thoughts that are repetitive in nature.

Useful for psychic protection against other people's anger, black magic or from dark entities. Use this stone when around anyone who is habitually negative, rude, bullying or angry. Smoky quartz cuts away emotional smog from workplaces or homes. Keep a piece in a desk drawer.

Some say it can be used to protect possessions from theft or damage, and can be kept in the car to prevent breakdowns.

Shields also against electromagnetic radiation from electrical devices that may be harmful, and geopathic stress from the earth.

It is also a stone of manifestation to assist in bringing plans to fruition. Thinking and goals can be more grounded and sensible, as well as benefiting from improved organisation. Concentration can be improved as well as aiding all kinds of clear communication.

Physical & Health Benefits

Helps with elimination of waste from cells and detoxification of the body.

Good for pain relief, muscle cramps, headaches and tension. Keep some around if you have undergone radiation therapy or chemotherapy for added support, healing and relief. May even help ease sunburn.

This stone is said to help alleviate craving associated with quitting smoking.

Use it if fatigued or exhausted, both mentally or physically.


Mostly sourced from Brazil and Madagascar. Other areas include Scotland, Colorado, Russia, Ukraine, and Switzerland.

Disclaimer: Crystals and stones are not meant as a replacement to the advice from proper medical professionals. Please see your doctor for all health issues.

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