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Obsidian Healing Properties

Obsidian is one of the best protection stones we can use to shield ourself from energy attacks or negative energy. It is also a highly cleansing stone to our aura, and is able to clear out all the lower energy gunk that may collect there. It is very strongly grounding into earth energy, being black in colour, and may be useful if your base chakra is not very strong. It is able to bring up any unfinished karma so this may also be healed.

Obsidian SphereObsidian Chips

Resonating Chakras

  • Base or Root Chakra

Emotional, Spiritual & Healing Properties

Known mostly as a Protection stone for removing negative energy from the aura or energy that is sent to you of a negative nature. Whether an attack is deliberate or someone is simply angry or backstabbing you, this stone keeps you protected at all times when carried with you. You may also like to sleep with some under the sheets of your bed for more restful sleep, preferably on the four sides of the bed.

This stone is very effective in bringing up any issues that are buried so be aware that deep hurts of the past can arise when in contact with obsidian to be released and healed. This stone is deeply healing by nature and brings up unfinished business, particularly Snowflake Obsidian (the black and white stone) is good for this.

Another use is to place a piece of Obsidian next to an entrance or doorway and it will keep negative people from entering to pester you. Helps to eliminate fear, anger and depression, and is also a stone of confidence.

Very strongly grounding, especially if you have been doing spiritual work or feel ungrounded. Great protection for any spiritual or psychic work you may be undertaking.

A good stone to work with if trying to release anyone from your life or for old relationships that need to be released finally and permanently.

Also a Manifestation stone that can help you to manifest the things that you need. You may even experience 'prophecy' when using this stone.

Be prepared before using this powerful stone as it may bring up unpleasant business or memories, or past life issues you are not yet ready to heal. It will work deeply on the subconscious and can bring out darker energy that is contained within for you to understand and release. Be sure to cleanse obsidian (in water, for example) before each use.

Physical & Health Benefits

Obsidian is very detoxifying to the body, removing blockages and tensions with both the physical and subtle bodies and can apparently reduce hardened arteries. A stone used to remove pain and stop bleeding, it is also useful on arthritis and joint problems of any kind.

Helps with digestion especially of anything difficult for the body to break down. Said to possess anti-bacterial and ani-viral properties as well.


Obsidian can be found in many volcanic areas of the world including Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Canada, Chile, Georgia, Greece, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Scotland, Turkey and USA.

Disclaimer: Crystals and stones are not meant as a replacement to the advice from proper medical professionals. Please see your doctor for all health issues.

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