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Crystals That Increase Passion & Libido

These crystals and stones are well known to energetically ramp up a person's appetite for LOVE. They work with our lower chakras to increase chakra health, remove blockages and stimulate or balance those chakras. If we have blockages in those areas, we may suffer from a lower sex drive and seek a way to improve our love life. This is where crystals come in! The below list of crystals resonate with the lower chakras, and can be worn in jewellery or carried on us so as to work on us energetically. For this reason, many of the sexual stones are red, pink  or orange in colour.

Bloodstone can help to increase sexual stamina and is a very grounding stone.

Carnelian will stimulate sexual appetite and open us up to passion when we are feeling stale or uninspired.

Fire Quartz: The name says it all. It introduces fire into many areas of life including passion and libido become more fiery. It is however rare and expensive.

sex stone tourmalinePink Tourmaline (left) can be very freeing by releasing pent up inhibitions. Let those energies flow. Also helpful with stamina.

Red Eudialyte: This stone is powerful and can reinvigorate the sex drive.

Red Garnet will increase libido, passion and sexuality, so buy a ring with this semiprecious gemstone and enjoy.

Rhodolite (Pink) Garnet is much the same as the red above, but will also stimulate love and the heart chakra, and self love.

Red Jasper can prolong sex if there are issues to it being too fleeting.

sex stone rubyRed or Pink Ruby (right) are stones of love, but also of passion. They can free inhibitions and increase sex drive.

Red Tigers Eye increases sex drive. If it increases it too much, be aware that Blue Tigers Eye can help reduce a hyper sex drive and bring it back to within a normal range.

Sunstone can be used in cases of sexual dysfunction and to increase sex drive.

Also, never overlook the power of love with rose quartz, an all round healing stone.
Once the love is re-stimulated within, passion may follow all by itself.

Note: Always consult the right medical professional if there are medical issues involved with sex drive. Crystals and stones should not be used in the place of doctor's advice.

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