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RHODOCHROSITE Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite is a pinkish red stone of Love, and in addition a very healing stone for the heart and emotions. It can bring out the inner child and stimulate the self love we felt when young. Other colours that may be present with pink are white, yellow, orange and brown, which are striated through the stone. Readily available in jewellery, especially rings and pendants, which are inexpensive.

rhodochrosite ringrhodochrosite

Resonating Chakras

  • Heart Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra

Emotional, Spiritual & Healing Properties

Can help to heal and balance your own self opinions if these are skewed or unloving. It can dissolve self-hatred, and help cleanse any stored negative opinions we have taken on from outside of us.

Can enhance courage to deal with long held issues and make the necessary changes. It is not easy to ignore problems around this stone and its positive energy. May bring back memories of painful childhood experiences in order for one to transmute and move past them, thus freeing the heart and bringing a new lease of life and joy.

Very healing for any victims of abuse, especially of a sexual nature. Will encourage forgiveness. When working with this stone, it is best to have it on the body, i.e. in the pocket or in jewellery so the full benefit can be had.

As a balancing stone, the male/female aspects of self can be brought into alignment.

Also a stone that stimulates happiness and joy. It is uplifting and infectious, and can help fight stress or anxiety.

This stone 'goes with' other pink or heart stones to combine energies and work more deeply or more profoundly on all issues of heart healing. A supportive and gentle stone.

It is believed this stone attracts one's soulmate, first stimulating self acceptance so that one is ready to receive love from another.

Physical & Health Benefits

This stone may help with blood pressure issues and circulation of the blood. Could ease asthma sufferers and help regulate blood sugar..

Said to help treat the respiratory system, digestive tract, intestines, and kidneys. May improve eyesight.


 Argentina mostly, but also Uruguay, Russia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Romania, Canada and USA (Colorado).

Disclaimer: Crystals and stones are not meant as a replacement to the advice from proper medical professionals. Please see your doctor for all health issues.

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