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PSYCHIC CRYSTALS - Develop Psychic Abilities

Psychic crystals are a powerful way to develop and increase psychic potential and perception naturally and easily. Each of the stones listed below have characteristics to work to help us tune into and work with our innate psychic abilities. We will take a look at each in alphabetical order since they all have unique metaphysical properties. Many of the psychic stones are violet in colour or a deep blue/indigo. Some of them are even a vibrant, spiritual green.

Agate is a highly spiritual stone and, whilst not known for increasing psychic abilities, blue lace agate for example can elevate our sense of spiritual awareness which brings with it unique, divine inspiration.

amethyst clusterAmethyst (left) is used for stimulating and activating the brow and crown chakras and is one of the most known crystals for increasing psychic awareness. May be carried and worn for best effect, and placed under a pillow whilst sleeping. An excellent beginners stone to tune into our higher abilities and very safe to use. See Amethyst Properties.

Azeztulite is said to enhance clairvoyance and bring visions from the past and future. If you are able to scry then this stone will help with that.

Azurite is a rather mystical and potent stone, from its colour alone we know its capable of activating the third eye/brow chakra and strengthen psychic ability including intuition and insight. Used for dreaming, channeling, past life recall, alternate life recall and astral journeys.

Blue Calcite: A stone that can aid one to channel words and spirits from higher dimensions.

Charoite is a very spiritual/psychic stone with an affinity to the heart, brow and throat chakras, meaning it can connect us to high spiritual dimensions whilst remaining centered and grounded. Said to be a stone of vision, prophecy and transformation. See Charoite Properties

Chrysocolla is a high energy stone, usually it aids the heart but also psychic in nature.

Emerald: Many claim this is a psychic stone that can open up clairvoyant abilities. See Emerald Properties

Purple Fluorite enhances psychic abilities as it works with the brow chakra. Usually quite affordable and another good beginners stone.

Iolite can activate the brow chakra, bring intuition and visions/dreams and is used in shamanic ceremonies. A well recommended stone and easily found in fine jewellery. See Iolite Properties

kyanite ringKyanite: (left) Blue kyanite is a high vibrational stone that does not need cleansing. The deep blue/indigo stones have a very spiritual energy. Said to aid psychic connections and intuition. The claims that it can aid in telepathy and astral travel are interesting. Also can help in channeling higher realms, a stone worth investigation.

Labradorite is currently quite popular and can give one a psychic boost by connecting them to their spirit guides or to receiving precognition.

lapis lazuliLapis Lazuli (pictured right) stimulates both the third eye and throat centers. It can attune us to the intuitive, especially if we place a stone on the third eye directly. Sleeping with some under the pillow can induce dreams and insights.

Larimar is an angelic stone that is associated with the third eye, as well as the throat and heart chakras. It can help to thin the veil to the other side so we can communicate with angels. This is a very popular stone in jewellery at the moment and is often priced slightly higher than other crystal pieces due to its demand. Has a soft, high dimensional energy.

Malachite is another vivid green stone that can aid powerfully with intuition as well as healing. A great stone to carry with you to help discern what is truth from others. Good for producing dreams if you sleep next to it.

Moonstone is somewhat of a mystical stone with a light, feminine energy. Think of the power of the moon and how we believe the moon can grant wishes - as too this stone. Good for gently opening the intuition and empowering the feminine side of ourself.

Snowflake Obsidian: This is a very powerful stone that can aid in clairaudience, channeling and also for scrying.

Clear Quartz is used for scrying, as in quartz crystal balls. It can be programmed with the intent we wish it to carry. A very powerful stone for visions and clairvoyance, try placing it on the brow chakra to open the second sight.

Indigo Sapphire enhances psychic awareness by opening the brow chakra.

Shattuckite is a wonderful stone to promote channelling by stimulating the third eye especially during meditation.

shugiliteShugilite (pictured left) is unusal as a psychic stone because of its bright pink colour, also lavender and purple. It can enhance the intuition and increase psychic ability. It has a lovely appearance as though it was dusted with icing sugar and beads usually come in a mix of pink through to darker purple.

Tanzanite: Activates the brow chakra thereby enhancing our psychic abilities. This stone is excellent for raising our vibration so we can reach higher dimensions and link with ascended masters and advanced spiritual beings. With it we may experience visions as well. See Tanzanite Properties

Blue Tourmaline: Used to open the intuition and communicate with the spiritual realms.

There are other kinds of stones used for clearing the mind before doing psychic work, yet they may not be psychic stones in themselves. The list above is not exhaustive as there are sure to be other stones around, for example Tigers Eye and even Bloodstone might be good possibilities.

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