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15 Meditation Crystals

All 15 of these meditation stones and crystals work to calm the mind and produce a deep, meditative state and further spiritual awareness. They aid in producing expanded states and tap into our inner wisdom, and some also come in handy with angel communication. Having at least one mediation stone is recommended for those who need help maintaining a calm and positive state whilst meditating. Simply hold a stone in your hand, wear as a piece of jewellery or place before you and intend to tune into its energy.

AmethystAmethyst (left) is a very popular stone to use during meditation for its ability to induce tranquility and contentment whilst it also works on soothing anger, irritability, moodswings or indeed any form of negative emotion that is being held onto. Also a stone that can protect during meditation. See Amethyst Properties.

Aquamarine crystal can be successfully used during meditation due to its soothing qualities, matched with its ability to heighten our metal clarity as well as spiritual awareness. It is not the first crystal we think of to use during meditation but can work wonders for those who feel too tense to let go mentally. Especially great if you clench your jaw or carry a lot of tension in the body.

Azurite is wonderful to use to activate psychic ability as well as receive intuition and higher guidance. Since it is a calming stone, it is very good to use during meditation.

Charoite is a spiritual stone that can connect us to higher dimensions whilst simultaneously keeping us grounding whilst meditating. It can eliminate states of fear, so hold onto the idea of what fear you wish to transmute whilst meditating with charoite. See Charoite Properties.

Emerald: Yes you read right, this precious gemstone is a very relaxing stone that promotes deep breathing whilst relaxing the chest and shoulders. Don't think you need an expensive piece of jewellery; a large stone with inclusions is perfectly workable, whether rough or polished, it doesn't matter if you are using it for meditation. See Emerald Properties

Purple FluoriteFluorite (Purple): Using a purple coloured fluorite helps us focus our mind powerfully whilst opening the intuition and allowing us to rise higher in consiousness. It is said to help the mind to pierce the veil of illusion for any serious meditator who is keen to see into reality and enlightenment. Makes a nice change if you wish to switch things up from using amethyst.

Iolite is mainly a psychic stone but can be used in meditation as it is a stone of visions, intuition and dreams. This crystal can also be used in conjunction with other meditation stones. See Iolite Properties.

Kunzite is said to aid meditation whilst connecting one to unconditional love. Providing protection against negative energy, a stone of intuition, purity and higher awareness.

Larimar is calming and suited for meditation. Being somewhat higher vibrational, it can bring inner peace quickly and is also excellent for connecting to angelic energies. A stone of love.

Lepidolite helps with concentration, focus and soothing the mind, and is good for meditation.

Morganite is a stone of love that can also double as a meditation stone, drawing in peace, tranquility and the higher dimensional energy of Quan Yin.

PhenacitePhenacite (pictured left) is another power stone for meditation since it is higher vibrational. Also an angel stone and ascension stone. It is also a rather expensive stone due to its relative rareness.

Selenite is wonderful as a meditation tool. This stone is high vibrational and also an angel stone. It may help to tune into both past and future. These crystals are very fragile so when holding it do not allow your hand to sweat or it could begin to dissolve around the edges. Very breakable also.

Sugarlite: Unusually for a meditation crystal, sugarlite is a deep pink. A crystal of love and psychic development, it also enhances intuition whilst being grounding and nurturing. Using this stone may help one to tune into the lessons they are on earth to learn.

Tanzanite: Use this crystal for deep meditation as you are carried to a higher vibration. A very spiritual stone that can bring a more spiritual form of meditation. See Tanzanite Properties.

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