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Love Stones & Crystals - Increase Love

All 25 of these love stones and crystals work to bring in love and attract and enhance relationships, bring understanding and compassion, increase harmony and peace of mind. These stones are also for self love.

Love stone rose quartzThe Queen of love stones is the rose quartz crystal, but as you will see there are a whole array of stones to chose from. Once you find jewellery with your preferred stone, you can then wear it often. It is also good to place stones in your main room of love (i.e. the bedroom), even around your bed on all sides to enhance the loving and harmonic energies. Some people may prefer to use crystal elixirs that carry the vibration of their crystal, or even make their own to spray around. However you do it, try out some of the crystals below to bestow loving crystal energy in your life and that of your partner.

Most of the stones that resonate with the heart chakra are either pink, ruby or shades of green. Some of the stones below work to heal a broken or abused heart and are well recommended!

Aventurine of the green variety is a heart crystal which can activate, clear and also protect; often used to strengthen the heart, bring in stabilisation and even encourage regeneration making it a very healing stone. An excellent stone to use for opening the heart safely, bringing energies of love and joy. Will help those who feel unloved or unlovable, helping to bring trust.

Chrysoprase: Opens, activates and energises the hearth chakra. This is a wonderful stone that can help to heal broken relationships, sooth a broken heart as well as transmute heavier energies such as jealousy, greed, envy or selfishness into lighter energies. Can help with anyone suffering from grief.

Pink Danburite, the angel stone, will open and activate the heart, allowing us to trust more.

Diamond: This stone of course symbolises love, and many of us automatically wear diamonds anyway. An amazing stone of purity of intention and therefore purity of love. This stone actually helps to establish strong and lasting relationships. Also a stone of fidelity, it helps us to persevere with love and brings trust more easily to us.

love stones emerald ringEmerald: Like many green stones this stone is excellent for opening and healing the heart, simply by wearing it on the body somewhere. It can also help heal emotional problems carried in the heart, known as a stone of unconditional love. Emerald helps bring harmony, balance and wisdom to any relationship and so much more. A wonderful choice for strengthening love and banishing negativity. Pictured right.
See Emerald Properties.

Fluorite (green or pink): Stimulates and aligns the heart chakra.

Garnet is well recommended, for as well as a sexual stone that stimulates passion, it is also a love stone that can encourage devotion, understanding, integrity, honesty and trust. This is not an expensive stone and can be found in all kinds of jewellery.

Jade (green or lavander) encourages love, compassion and openness, and can heal on an emotional level.

Green Jasper can balance the heart chakra and bring calmness.

Kunzite: A great love stone for children and adults alike, this stone aligns the heart chakra with the throat and third eye chakras. This crystal gives off love, compassion which leads to deep inner peace. A divine stone of comfort. Will open a heart that finds it hard to be emotive or connect to others; heals hurts. A amazing stone also of forgiveness and devotion. A protective stone that babies and children alike can relate to with its purity, love and safe energies, like being cradled by the divine.

Larimar, an angel stone, has a soft energy like the kunzite that is extremely healing. This stone resonates with both the throat and heart centers, helping to free and open both. Bringing joy and unconditional love, being as children again. If looking for a larimar set in jewellery, please avoid the heat treated kind, which I feel kills the stone. We should not be super-heating this precious gemstone because it is so gentle. The heated varieties look completely different.

love stones lepidoliteLepidolite works on the crown and third eye chakras, but also the heart (being a pink stone) and the throat.Can open the heart whilst also relieving stress buildup. Pictured left.

Malachite for the heart (also the throat) chakra, it releases stored hurts so they can be expressed safely and let go of. Can bring fidelity and loyalty to relationships.

Morganite for cleansing the heart chakra. This stone is said to attract love to those who wear it, and then maintain love for the faithful. Can heal rejection and for feelings of being unlovable. Can be placed directly on or over the heart (in a pendant) to heal past hurts, cleansing them from the system. A wonderful, higher vibrational stone that is connected to the female master Kwan Yin, who has a beautiful, soft energy. Also very good for treating anxiety, a very soft, feminine crystal.

Peridot is a stone of joy that works with the heart to powerfully cleanse negative emotions, making space for forgiveness and joy of being. Use it to ready yourself for a new relationship. Very protective crystal also and can be found in jewellery of all kinds and is not expensive.

Green Quartz is able to balance the heart chakra, dissolving away past emotions rooted in fear or hurt. Beware when buying in jewellery to buy real quartz and not green coloured glass fakes.

Rose Quartz "The" crystal for unconditional love, a piece placed next to the bed will help to fill us with self love. This stone is excellent to work with to heal any kind of trauma, including emotional, and can help to encourage trusting in others once more. Can bring forgiveness, calm and balance. It may be just the stone needed to settle any unwanted chaos in or around the home or workplace. Why not put a small crystal on the desk, than carry it around in the bag when not at work! See Rose Quartz Properties

Rhodochrosite works on the heart to lift mood, disperse depression, open the heart to be positive and optimistic. A stone for spontaneity. It is said to have the power to attract one's soul mate, also a stone of passion. See Rhodochrosite Properties

Rhodonite for the heart chakra, forgiveness, heart healing, compassion for self and others, releasing supressed emotions as well as anxiety or fear.

love stones rubyRuby, pictured left, is great for grounding but also stimulated joy and love, just look at its beautiful colour. The darker the stone the more powerful. A stone of passion that can encourage laughter and life.

Green Sapphire for the heart, and pink for unconditional love.

Sugilite will open the heart, brow and crown chakras. A nurturing and love promoting stone that can give comfort and strengthen the a weary heart; it help us to work through our dark fears and find the light again.

Thulite: Useful for the sacral, heart and brow chakras, gives ease to expressing unconditional love without judgement, also helps one to learn to receive love.

Tourmaline (Green or Pink): Both of these are stunning in any kind of ring or jewellery. The green variety can be very balancing and help cleanse the heart of emotional debris. The pink is soft and filled with love, promotes joy and can induce peace and a feeling of safety. A stone of comfort. For some reason reminds me of fairies.

Turquoise will work upon the throat, heart and third eye, balancing and cleansing. Beware the many fake stones that are dyed howlite or some such. Real turquoise promotes peaceful feelings, is protective and a joy to wear.

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