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High Vibration Energy Crystals

There are a growing number of high vibrational crystals being found and utilised by crystal healers and people searching for ways to increase their personal vibration. This article will present a summary of some but not all of the stones on the list, and what we can expect to achieve through their use. There are just so many of these high energy stones that sources often have completely different lists. Some of these stones are so obscure that they are much rarer in nature than diamonds.

Aqua Aura Quartz (right):aqua aura

One of my personal favorites, aqua aura is a clear quartz that has a thin coating of gold (either natural or man-made coating), giving it a divine blue colour. Some people react to this stone finding it quite intense. This is a stunning crystal that is highly protective, with the ability to cleanse and heal the aura of all damage. It also helps heal the physical body and activate the chakras. A highly spiritual stone that will help lift a person's vibration. Being blue, helps communication as well and the throat chakra. See Aqua Aura Quartz Properties

Aurora Quartz (Rainbow Quartz)


   Brookite: The Stone Of Ancient Planets

    Cacoxenite (Amethyst Melody Stone): The Stone Of Ascension

     Celestite (below):

celestiteAnother beautiful blue crystal of high angelic energy vibration. Known for its gentle energy, it won't be difficult to adjust to this stone like it is with some other high energy stones. Think of a gentle female angel and the feminine energy of forgiveness, like a balm. Uplifting and sweet, yet a powerful psychic stone, helping one to gently contact their guardian angels. I recommend the blue variety for this, which is the most common variety. Can aid with Ascension. Not difficult to source as a cluster or stone, but I have not yet seen this in jewellery.

Clear Apophyllite

 Charoite: The Stone Of The Dragon


   Crocoite (Crocoisite)



danburiteThis crystal powerfully works on the crown chakra, linking it into the heart chakra. A gentle yet spiritual stone. Much like diamond, this is a stone of purity and enlightenment. Often compared to topaz and growing in popularity. Most common are clear and white varieties, but the pink is lovely with a sublime vibration. They are now making man-made aqua aura danburite, violet aura danburite, etc, which combines both high energy vibrations.

Darwin Glass (Darwinite)


  Elestial Quartz



     Green Tremolite

      Herkimer Diamond:

herkimerMost powerful of all the quartz crystals, these are special little stones. Don't let their small size confuse you as to their power. They grow as double terminated in nature, containing spiritual light and powerful healing properties. Like all clear quartz, they are amplifying stones. Named after Herkimer County, New York, where they are found.

Usually clear, some of them come in smoky quartz. Becoming popular in jewellery, including rings, not hard to source.

Hauyne: very rare stone

 Herderite: The Stone Of The Saint

  Himalayan Ice Quartz (Nirvana Quartz)

   Hollandite Quartz (Star Quartz)


Kyanite comes in blue, orange, black, green and indigo and is a very powerful high vibrational stone. I must admit that while I love it, I do find it a bit hard to work with. It is said that those who have a lower vibration can encounter issues with kyanite. I am able to wear it without any ill effect, yet there is just something so unique about its energy. Just when I think I have found the ultimate stone for protection or grounding or high vibration, I then find a new one that is even more powerful. For me right now, kyanite blows many of my other favourites out of the water. I have heard great things about black kyanite. The blue kyanite pendant I have is amazing and the vibration never gets old for me. In addition, kyanite (like citrine) never needs to be cleansed ever, so this says something about this amazing stone.

Can be purchased in gorgeous rings and pendants, or as beads and chip beads in some cases.


 Lemon Quartz:

lemon quartzAlthough not on any lists I've seen, I have discovered that this stone is very pure and high vibrational - the clue is that it can make me feel dizzy when I wear too much of it (i.e. bracelet, pendant and ring together). Putting on a grounding stone like a shungite ring can help alleviate this. This is also a stone of abundance and good luck. Helps with decisions and analytical thinking. A great abundance stone to use when you grow tired of citrine, as lemon quartz is very refreshing just like real lemons. Does not ever need to be cleansed. See Lemon Quartz Properties

If you look, you can find lovely beads of flawless lemon quartz selling online, and it is easy to find rings as well. A beautiful stone over all.

Libyan Gold Tektite

 Merkabite Calcite

  Moldavite: Originates From Meteor



     Rainbow Mayanite

      Rhodizite: Master Amplifying Stone

       Satyaloka Quartz




shungiteThis is a very special stone made entirely of carbon, so it is a black stone of powerful protection. Yet it is very high energy. There is some controversy around descriptions of what the stone can do. Whilst I do believe this can be a miracle stone, I would take with a grain of salt some of the miracles attributed to the stone. I have been wearing it and have a shungite sphere in my living room, yet have not experienced miracles. The energy of the stone is like no other. I recommend its use for protection, healing and transmutation.

It contains fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. Only found in Russia, it is by no means difficult to source and is inexpensive to purchase online as stones or in jewellery.

 Sugilite (Royal Lavulite)


   Tanzine Aura (Indigo Aura)

    Tibetan Tektite

     Tiffany Stone (Bertrandite)


       Vorobyevite: The Stone Of Thought

        Xenotime: The Stone Of Happening

Note: This list is not complete. I have seen much longer lists of high vibrational stones, many of which are some of the rarest minerals to be found on the planet. We only ever need a few of these crystals since having more will not necessarily help us raise our vibration further. It is best to find the perfect crystal that speaks to you, which you are most strongly attracted to, before purchasing.

You may or may not notice any difference when wearing the stones. When I first started wearing aqua aura jewellery, I was not aware it was high vibrational - I was merely attracted to it strongly. Other crystals can knock your socks off and you may only work with them occasionally. With such powerful energies coming to earth via our sun and earth grids right now, it is wise to go slowly. We do not need to ascend our energy all at once.

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