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Crystals To Treat Headaches

Which Crystals and Stones can help us be rid of a bad headache or migraine? There are 14 excellent ones that will help. You can pull down the blinds on the sun, lay flat and quiet, or take some kind of pain killing pill and hope for the best. Or you could put on some jewellery in your stone of choice, or hold a stone to you.

Jewellery is nicest because you can wear it all day, and most are not expensive. You could buy a modest chip bracelet on eBay or even an inexpensive silver ring. I have found that amethyst works best for me, but it is different for each person. Let's look at a list:

AngeliteAngelite is excellent for elimination of a headache from its source. As the stone suggests, it's good for communication with angels, but it can also calm your mind and dissolve even stubborn headaches. See left.
Aquamarine: A known calming stone that can also help with anxiety or stress, this will work wonders on any stress related headache as it allows you to slowly relax. You can sleep with a small aquamarine next to your bed if you feel drawn to it. The colour of blue/green tropical waters, this stone will work to set your troubles at ease. Very good too for anyone who tends to clench their jaw due to frustration.

Amethyst: A "go to" stone for any headache, particularly a stubborn one that is difficult to move. This stone can help to cleanse your aura and shift any energy block. You can lie down flat and try placing it on your third eye chakra (between the eyes and up a little) and relax for five minutes to see if this begins to work. I like to use a chunky amethyst bracelet for all day wear to keep the headache away. It should make you feel better and a little bit cleared.

Blue Lace Agate: This stone is wonderful for stress and very relaxing. It brings a sense of peace and tranquility, but also increased spiritual awareness. This stone also works on sore eyes or red and itchy skin conditions so it's a wonderful one to have around. Place this one on your forehead and relax.

Charoite is a good stone that can banish headaches and ease other aches and pains. Putting some next to your bed can create very peaceful sleep and will stop nightmares. It is also a mystical stone of Manifestation.

ChrysocollaChrysocolla allows us to keep a cool head. It can be used to treat premenstrual tension and menstrual pain, which often headache is a part of. A stone of Mother Earch and nature, it can balance us and also reduce any inflammation. See right.

Hematite: A calming and also grounding stone, often used at the end of treatments. This can keep you cool and works well on fever, placed on the forehead. You can use this crystal with any of the other crystals mentioned.

Kunzite is a very peaceful stone that lifts our vibration and relaxes us, placing us in a space of innocent love. May be useful for stress headaches.

Lapis Lazuli: A very psychic stone that can reduce pain in the head, throat, thyroid, neck, ears, chest and lungs. It will cool one down and bring in good mental clarity.

Clear Quartz is great for pain in general and can be placed to cool any area that is in pain. It is also very useful for fevers. It helps to clear blockages in the energy flow that has occurred. It will increase your personal energy field as well.

Rose Quartz may work for headaches since it is a soothing stone that bestows love, allowing us to overcome emotional traumas. It can balance all of the body's systems and also reduce high blood pressure.

RhodochrositeRhodochrosite is particularly good for migraines. It generally helps to regulate heart beat, balancing blood pressure and stimulating circulation. It is a stone that brings us love and our soulmate. See left.

Sugilite is wonderful for pain in any area, drawing it out, so try placing a bit on or around the head area for quick relief of pain.

Turquoise is a general pain reliever that can help headaches. This stone is quite useful for bringing calm and balance to your whole body, and is excellent for nerves and anxiety.

You can choose one or two stones out of this list and see how you go with them. You may already have crystals at home that you can use. Go with your intuition on which will work for you, good luck!

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