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12 Grounding Stones To Anchor & Protect

This comprehensive list of grounding crystals and their effects can be a an absolute necessity when we need help to remain securely grounded in the earth's energies, especially after psychic or meditative work. For others, these stones are simply beautiful to wear in jewellery, or offer the chance to activate the base chakra more successfully. Whatever your reason for looking up grounding crystals, the twelve described below covers all eventualities.

Most grounding stones are red, brown or black and are often extremely protective as well, providing psychic protection and banishing negative energies. If you ever experience spaciness, or a feeling of being out of your body, these stones will ground You back into the physical world simply by carrying or wearing them.

Fire Agate: Sometimes an overlooked crystal, this stone is not only grounding but will fire up your chakra system, burn off old energies, blockages or obstacles, energize and bring in change. Build a powerful connection to earth.

Bloodstone brings in stability as it grounds into the earth grids. A stone of not just strength but also courage, allowing us to fully "be here" on earth. This stone also works somewhat with the heart. As the name bloodstone suggests, can help purify the blood.

Boji Stones can rid us of any spacey feelings that indicate being ungrounded or out of the physical body. Boji can balance and clean the aura.

Red Calcite is grounding, calming and can help alleviate attention deficiency. In these times of ascension of consciousness, many of us are experiencing the symptoms of ascension and are feeling scattered or lack attention and focus, so this stone can help out here.
grounding stone carnelian

Carnelian (red and deep orange) is very grounding, comforting and boosts confidence; see above picture. This is brilliant if you can find genuine carnelian in a ring or pendant (watch for the fake dyed agate sold as carnelian).

Garnet is a very grounding stone which works with the base chakra and can stimulate kundalini. Also a stone that stimulates love in action. Very beautiful and is inexpensive to buy in jewellery.

Hematite: Fantastic for connecting us to the earth and keeping us connected. Stone of strength and vitality, imbuing us with feelings of peace and stability. Highly protective but also calming. This stone will ground you if other stones are not helping. Said to help cool off inflammation. This stone can also benefit the blood.

Red Jasper grounds and balances the root chakra; an energy stone that can increase willpower, that can also be nurturing.
grounding stone obsidian
Obsidian, above, is a base chakra stone for grounding, stability and connection to earth. Very protective and can rid the aura of negativity. Can be used to look into our own dark nature or side, and help to release that darkness back into the light.

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful solar plexus crystal that is also very grounding. Can help with stress, negativity or fear and is known to treat depression also. Will also protect against radiation. See Smoky Quartz Properties

Black Sapphire can be used for grounding purposes and can look very classy in a nice piece of jewellery.

Shungite is an amazing stone and, being a beautiful, glossy black, is most grounding. This stone has been attributed with many miracle healing abilities, but try it for yourself.

Black Tourmaline is very grounding, and is well known as a protective stone against the negativity of others, whether deliberately sent or not. A powerful and useful stone, and favourite to many.

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