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12 LUCKY Crystals To Bring Success

Crystals can help with attracting luck, but remember that a positive attitude is required as well since a negative mindset can deter luck. The good news is that many of the lucky stones help with removing negativity from our emotional and mental bodies. Below we look at 12 lucky crystals that can help turn our luck around.

Amber Gemstone

Amber (pictured above) is a well known and powerful stone for attracting good luck. Actually a tree resin, it varies in age, with some types of amber millions of years old. Encourages a state of joy, which in itself attracts positivity to its owner along with luck and success. See Amber Properties

Orange Calcite would not be the most powerful stone around for attracting luck, but it can work. It is inexpensive and uplifting stone that will help clear and restore a positive atttitude, thus allowing us to naturally attract luck into our life.

Charoite helps us to make our dreams come true. Wearing this stone can enhance our luck, and being in the right place at the right time. A mystical stone that is known to help with transformation. See Charoite Properties

Citrine is a stone of abundance and prosperity, and can also bring good luck, as well as boosting energy levels. I would only use citrine to attract good luck with money. If you are after other kinds of luck, I would choose charoite for a more general kind of luck (i.e. job promotion). See Citrine Properties

Jade PendantJade (seen right) is a Stone of Wisdom which can also help us to reach decisions. Jade has been linked with luck for centuries and worn as jewellery down through the ages as a lucky stone. It can bring luck to friendship particularly, as well as attracting abundance.

Jasper, especially red and yellow jasper, attract good luck easily. You will find that many lucky Chinese talismans are made from jasper of various colours. It can't hurt to place one of these adorable little statues in the prosperity section in your home, as according to feng shui. This section sits in the top left hand corner of the home as oriented by the front entrance of the home.

Peridot is often overlooked as a good luck crystal, yet it is a stone found mostly in jewellery that will attract luck of every kind. In addition, it is very healing and can boost energy whilst opening the heart as well.

Rhodonite can help bring luck in love. Sometimes it can help to attract a soul mate faster, as well as prepare your heart to receive a new relationship with an open heart.

Yellow Sapphire, another abundance stone, is said to help us achieve the fulfillment of our ambitions.

Sunstone is a very obvious choice of stone for good luck; it just radiates this feeling. Specifically, sunstone is said to help with competitions, since it is linked to generating fortune, much like citrine. May attract or support fame. Is also useful for clearing, energising and dispelling fears.

Tigers EyeTigers Eye feels lucky when it is held in the hand; can you feel its power? If you are due some luck in your life, this may help to bring it about. Also connected to abundance, it can help to bring in a steady flow of money and support this to continue. A great stone for any business owner. Also it is a stone of Courage that carries the energy of the sun. See Tigers Eye Properties

Topaz bestows confidence and is also excellent for attraction and manifestation. It has the power to attract people, either in friendship or as business contacts. It is famous for its lucky properties. Naturally yellow topaz is probably the best for bringing us luck.

Finding a lucky stone can vary for individual people, so consider the energy of the stones you are looking at to buy and go with the one that feels most lucky to you and your intuition.

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