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Crystals Can Help Alleviate Infertility

These 14 crystals listed below are great if you are trying to fall pregnant! Perhaps you have tried other methods and are now ready for something new. Stones have been used down through the ages for healing and pregnancy. Some stones promote libido as well, other may be protective during a pregnancy or aid in childbirth. So enjoy the list below and see which stones resonate with you.

How To Use Crystals For Fertility

Quite simply, these crystals can be worn, carried in a bag or pocket, or placed under the pillow whilst sleeping. Women - you can put a piece of one of these crystals in your bra to wear all day long if you don't have a pocket. As long as they are kept close, in the aura, they may have a beneficial effect.

Aventurine is up there as one of the popular fertility stones, especially the green variety. Carry a small piece in your pocket!

fertility crystal aquamarineAquamarine (right) is said to discourage miscarriage, so may be a wonderful stone to have during pregnancy if you have had troubles in this area before.

Black Coral is said to be brilliant, if you can find it, for enhancing fertility and virility.

Carnelian awakens the sexual side of us, and is a stone of passion. For this alone, we may find it useful in encouraging more spontaneous love making. A very useful stone, it is said it can stimulate all areas of the woman's reproductive system, whilst balancing hormones and guarding against miscarriage.

Chrysoprase can help to increase fertility.

Emerald is a popular stone that many women wear. It has some amazing healing properties but is also handy used as a fertility stone. Highly recommended. Remember to use real emerald and not the 'created' kind. See Emerald Properties.

Fluorite can help with anyone experiencing hormonal changes, and is said to be able to stabilise them.

Jade: This lovely stone is the friend of those who want to fall pregnant

fertility stone moonstoneMoonstone (left) is one of the most recommended stones for fertility issues. It can actually be worn during and after sex to help impregnation to occur. It boosts feminine energy and is a stone of love. By focusing on love, instead of pregnancy during love making, chances can be increased with this stone. May be useful in regulating the menstrual cycle if issues are present there.

Pearls can be worn to promote female fertility, and don't let the fact that some celebrities are doing this put anyone off. Pearls have a lovely soft, feminine energy so I say go for it if you already have a pearl necklace or bracelet - put them on and wear them proudly. They are, of course a more expensive option so choose another equally good crystal if you don't already have pearls handy.

Rhodonite is said to stimulate fertility and can be worn in a bead bracelet, commonly found and not too expensive.
Rose Quartz: The Stone of Unconditional Love can help to increase fertility whilst bringing the wearer peace and calm. I would use this stone in combination with other crystals that are more well known to increase fertility, rather than using it alone. Try it and see! A nice tumble stone could be kept next to the bed to aid in this area. See Rose Quartz Properties

Ruby Zoiste is well recommended to help with both fertility issues and during the pregnancy for development of the fetus.

Smoky Quartz may increase fertility for both men and women. See Smoky Quartz Properties

Unakite is an attractive variety of jasper that is green and pink; it can help with both pregnancy and birthing.

Note: Always consult the right medical professional if there are medical issues involved with fertility, pregnancy or birth. Crystals and stones should not be used in the place of doctor's advice.

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