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Energising Stones For Confidence & Energy

These 15 stones for confidence and energy offer a powerful way to stimulate our innate courage whilst boosting our energy reserves. They can be particularly useful when we suffer from low motivation, nervousness, or just need something to help restore our stamina. The list of stones below can help too with depression, low self esteem, and apathy. Such stones as listed work very well. One of my all time favourites is Amber, which isn't a stone at all but a tree resin.

Using a confidence enhancing gem or crystal in a ring, pendant, etc, is an excellent way to keep the stone close in our aura so we can enjoy the benefits. Let's face it, in this modern world we all need some extra energy and motivation. Remember when choosing a stone to work with your intuition. Energising stones are generally orange and red as they work with the root chakra. Many tend to work with the sacral chakra also. They are stones for all round good energy, positive energy, happiness and joy.

AmberAmber is brilliant for boosting overall energy levels, a very warm stone that puts us in mind of the sun's power and energy. It may even increase life span when worn often. A stone of brightness and motivation (left). See Amber Properties

Bloodstone: A stone of power that boost energy levels significant and helps us to achieve our goals whilst remaining grounded.

Red Calcite is an energising stone that increases our vitality and our zest for life and works with the base chakra to strengthen it. Well recommended.

Carnelian can banish lethargy quickly and raise low energy levels back to normal, whilst stimulating the brain and concentration. A great stone of courage, strength that uplifts and cleanses our aura. Be careful of fakes on the market (which are many) as those fakes are dyed agate and do not have these same benefits.

CitrineCitrine is an energising stone that also brings joy and light. It can be used as a pick-me-up when the weight of the world is bringing us down, making us tired. Both kinds, the natural citrine pictured right and the heated amethyst kind do similar jobs and work well. See Citrine Properties

Diamond: This amazing stone helps us with issues of stamina, strength and banishing our fears, as well as establishing purity.

Garnet, with its affinity to the base chakra, breaks down blockages and serves to stimulate confidence in self, providing strength during crises. This stone increases energy levels and is abundantly available in jewellery.

Hematite is excellent for vitality, endurance and grounding us into the earth so we can channel the earth's strength. Useful for calming and protecting as well.

Red Jasper: Excellent for increasing courage and willpower, connecting with the base chakra. Increases energy and improves circulation.

PeridotPeridot (left) is one of the few "green" stones that is truly revitalising and energising, whilst imbuing us with joy and renewal. Also works on ridding us from general apathy and exhaustion.

Ruby: A strong base chakra stone and a stone of energy boosting and action, especially blood red ruby (as opposed to pinker varieties). Use it to treat exhaustion or a lack of passion or confidence.

Thulite works with the sacral, heart and third eye chakras and brings strength as well as energy to the wearer.

Tigers Eye is a stimulating stone on all levels, including increasing one's energy and stamina. It is very spiritual and all round positive stone of wealth and protection. See Tigers Eye Properties

Yellow Topaz is golden yellow sometimes with a hint of pink, and resonates with the solar plexus chakra, making it an excellent stone to revitalise oneself and increasing inner confidence.

Black Tourmaline is an energy stone that also lifts the spirits of the wearer. A strong base chakra stone.

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