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CITRINE Healing Properties

Citrine is a stone of Power and Will, representing the yellow energy of the sun and the power chakra, the solar plexus, to which it resonates. It is naturally a transparent yellow in nature, not the orange or brown that is characteristic of heat-treated amethyst (fake citrine) or smoky quartz. It has parallel sides that only at the tip form a point. Natural citrine is fairly rare to find because the market is flooded with fake stones that are either heated or are clear quartz dipped in a lemon coloured solution.

natural citrine

Resonating Chakras

  • Sacral (Navel)
  • Solar Plexus
  • Crown may also be stimulated

Emotional, Spiritual & Healing Properties

A stone of manifestation, this crystal is self cleansing and also able to cleanse other stones. It works on the aura to purify lower energies.

An uplifting stone that can stir the fires, banish depression as well as impart energy to the tired body and soul.

It is wonderful for invoking creativity and imagination. Also a good business stone for those who own a business, is said to also be lucky.

Is said to attract both abundance and manifest dreams. A money stone, perhaps the best known. Over time it can slowly help reverse negative beliefs around money.

Some say citrine can guard a person against heartbreak. As it is a very protective stone, it may also guard one against spite and jealousy.

Good for a general travel stone, yellow is also the colour of the mind and intelligence, good cheer and robust health.

All citrine in jewellery is actually heat-treated amethyst, yet these stones still have the healing properties of natural citrine. Real citrine is a light, wine colour and never the pretty orange we come to associate with jewellery.

Physical & Health Benefits

This stone helps to improve energy and relieve fatigue of all kinds.

It can stimulate digestion and improve metabalism, help to balance the thyroid.

May be good for easing menstrual issues and also menopausal symptoms.

Useful for increasing concentration and retention of the short term memory for those who are forgetful. A mental stimulant.

Try it for morning sickness as well.


Natural citrine is sourced from Russia, France, Columbia, Congo, Spain and Madagascar. Most fake citrine (which is heat-treated amethyst) comes from Brazil.

Disclaimer: Crystals and stones are not meant as a replacement to the advice from proper medical professionals. Please see your doctor for all health issues.

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