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CHAROITE Healing Properties

Charoite is a spiritual stone of inspiration and power. This mystical stone is found only in Russia. It can align us to highly spiritual energy, opening our higher chakras including our intuition, and assists us to find our higher meaning or mission for this earth life that aligns with helping humanity in some way. It is easily sourced and ranges in colours from pink, lilac, lavender, violet and purple. It is attractive with its living swirls of colour and makes wonderful jewelry also, being found in rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

CharoiteCharoite 2

Resonating Chakras

  • Crown (top of the head)
  • Brow (third eye, located between the eyes)
  • Heart (center of chest)

Emotional, Spiritual & Healing Properties

A stone of manifestation, said to be able to fulfil dreams and what some even describe as a magical stone.
Prophecy and insight can be gained using this stone.
Can raise consciousness to higher levels yet is also grounding, making this a very useful stone.
Importantly, can cleanse and transmute negative energy, so can aid in clearing the aura and chakras of denser, stuck energies raising them to positive energy to release.
Opens the heart to unconditional love, aids expression of love, encourages giving help to others and humanity as a whole.
Use as a meditation aid to gain insights or visions.
Can help one to achieve deep and peaceful sleep states, ridding us of nightmares. A good stone for children.
A stone of comfort, can relieve anxiety also.
Gently gives emotional healing for those who are lonely, isolated or marginalised.
Can help those with behavioural difficulties.
Can stimulate a determined spirit in overcoming odds, illness, or to manifest a desired outcome.

Physical & Health Benefits

This stone may help disorders of the eyes, heart, liver and pancreas. Try using it for stubborn headaches, aches and pains.
Can aid in overcoming exhaustion both physical and emotional.
Aids those with ADHD, autism and Asperger's syndrome to settle and calm.


Siberia in Russia is the only location this wonderful stone is found.

Disclaimer: Crystals and stones are not meant as a replacement to the advice from proper medical professionals. Please see your doctor for all health issues.

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