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The Best Place To Buy Crystals & Stones

Healing crystals are a growing industry, and stones are mined from many places around the world. Some crystals are only found in one or two locations, for example Charoite and Shungite, which can only be found in Russia. Every country has lovely stones with unique properties with more being discovered all the time. If you have an affinity to crystals, you are probably more than a little psychic and enjoy them for the energy they radiate, as living beings.

mixed crystalsThere is a conception by many that buying crystals online is bad, and I want to discuss why that is a little old-fashioned and comes from the pre-internet days, days I remember well. In those days we used to buy crystals from shops that we would visit in person. Usually a small tumble stone would cost 50 cents to $1 and we would rummage through a bowel of crystals to pick the nicest, or the one we felt the best energy from. It was said the crystal would pick us because we would get a stronger feeling from certain stones as we held them; this was and still is all true. In those days our buying habits were extremely simple, as were the crystals on offer in those kinds of stores. Now let's celebrate because we have the internet! The world is our oyster in terms of what we can buy, and we can now source it directly from the country where it was mined (hence keeping costs low).

Embrace The Internet

My message is to not be afraid of the internet solely because we can no longer touch a stone in our hand before we buy. I used to make crystal jewellery and sell it online, so I would be purchasing supplies of lovely crystal almost every week. I never had to touch them before buying, in almost all cases viewing a picture is enough. The only time we can get caught out in my experience is when a crystal is photographed outside in sunshine - it may appear as a completely different colour inside, where we keep our crystals. Fortunately most sellers use professional indoor photography which means we rarely go wrong.

Fake "Glass" Crystals

It is natural for people to worry that buying online will result in them being taken for a ride and receiving fake, glass crystals. Yes in some markets (Beware China), we can find ridiculously cheap beads for sale that are in fact plastic, not even glass. Basically we get what we pay for. If we shop in a market like eBay, we should always check the feedback. If they are selling fake items, the feedback will have comments saying as much. They may fool some people but they cannot fool all. There seems to actually be a market for fake crystal, especially in jewellery, both fine and fashion jewellery. When people buy jewellery and do not appreciate a good stone, maybe they are happy to wear junk and the current market place caters for those people. However if an item is displayed as real quartz crystal, for example a huge amethyst bracelet, and they are selling it for $1, that is basically our cue that it is junk and made from glass.

Research Your Crystal of Choice

Dicey crystals purchased online very regularly come from China so it is worth researching a piece before buying. If something seems too cheap to be true then it is probably junk. Some misleading practices that may look real on a computer screen include citrine that is often just clear quartz points that are dipped in a dye. When you rinse such a crystal the dye will wash away. One way to tell is by looking for natural colour changes in the crystal. If it is too perfectly coloured with no variation, it could be dyed. Then again, some people may not mind this as the crystals are very cheap and look pretty. Some very obvious fakes are things like rutilated quartz which look nothing like the real product. If you research what you want, it should be easy to spot the fakes.

More Common Fakes

fake lapisAnother common fakes to catch the unwary is turquoise, most of which on the market is dyed howlite. You are buying a stone, but not the stone you may think. Another fake becoming common is carnelian, which is actually plain white or gray agate that is died red/orange. Be careful too when buying lapis, as they take faded or unbeautiful lapis and dye it a brilliant blue (pictured right). Again, some people may not even mind if the result is a beautiful looking stone, it just isn't entirely natural and may not be as good for healing as would be expected. For those who are used to working with natural lapis, the unnatural dyed stones look entirely gaudy and fake.

In terms of spending large sums online, this is risky no matter what you are buying, so limit purchases to lesser amounts until you feel you can totally trust the store.There are many online stores that lie about the crystal they are selling, but also there are honest stores that will say, for example, that the turquoise is "howlite turquoise" i.e. dyed howlite.

I feel it is well worth using the internet to be able to access the huge array and variety of exciting crystals and stones out there. If you are like me and enjoy shopping whilst sitting comfortably at home, then why not try a crystal purchase or two. If you sit and worry about being "had" and receiving glass fakes, you will never open the door to all those beautiful stones just waiting out there to be purchased. In terms of buying, it has never been better. Occassionally we get tripped up (I just bought what I thought was a carnelian from China, only after some research realised it was a dyed agate). At least I won't make that mistake again and am able to pass this information onto others. I purchase so many stones and most of them are real. If unsure, do a google search and you will quickly learn if what you want to buy is real or not.

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