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Aura Quartz Crystals Meanings & Properties

Aura quartz crystals are very pretty to look at with a wonderful energy all their own. They are actually clear quartz crystal points coated in thin layers of various precious metals. Much like "mystic topaz", they have a sheen of iridescent bonded metal over the stone that produces a rainbow of sparkling colour, although aura quartz is much more lovely than mystic topaz, in my opinion.

Aura AquaBefore you may turn your nose up at such unnatural or man made processes, the metals used in aura quartz are lovely, like gold in the case of "aqua" aura quartz (pictured left), or platinum/silver in the case of angel aura. During the process of bonding, the clear quartz (or sometimes spirit quartz) is heated to high temperatures, up to 871°C/1600°F and this may be a concern to some, especially as crystals are living things. Remember they can be heated naturally in the earth's crust, and common crystals such as citrine are usually heat-treated amethyst, so heating crystals is common. I would personally limit the number of aura quartz I own due to the fact the heating process shatters a lot of the crystals, what a waste, and those that survive are rendered brittle and easy to break.

In my experience, aura quartz crystals have a sharper energy that is hard to describe unless you hold one. In the example of "aqua" aura quartz, many believe we receive the energy of both the gold coating as well as the clear quartz energy. Gold is essential to life and the functioning of the brain and central nervous system. There are tiny amounts of gold in the food we eat and the body uses it to keep us functioning. The vibration of gold is likewise essential to us according to Edgar Cayce, so wearing such a crystal can only be good, I feel. Some metals are life promoting, and others are completely toxic (for example, taking colloidal gold or silver internally is said to be good, but using toothpaste containing titanium is not), so this is something I would look into before buying a particular aura quartz piece - what is it actually coated with.

Types Of Aura Quartz

Amethyst or Lavender Aura: uses Platinum and Magnesium

Angel (or Opal/Pearl) Aura: uses Silver or Platinum and Silver

Apple Aura: uses Nickel and Gold

Aqua Aura: uses Gold

Champagne Aura: uses Gold, Platinum and Iron

Cobalt Aura: uses Cobalt

Copper Aura: uses Copper

Kiwi Aura: uses Gold and Silver, or Gold and Platinum

Rainbow Aura: uses Titanium and/or Niobium (please note natural rainbow quartz is coated with Turgite)Tangerine Aura

Rose (or Pink/Raspberry) Aura: uses Platinum

Ruby Aura (darker than Rose Aura): uses Gold, Silver and Platinum

Sunshine (or Yellow) Aura: uses Iron, sometimes with Gold and Platinum

Tangerine (or Melon/Orange) Aura: uses Gold, Copper and Iron (pictured right)

**There are natural forms of both sunshine and tangerine quartz, which are naturally coated with iron.

Tanzanite (or Tanzine) Aura: uses Gold and Indium

Healing Properties

In terms of healing properties, you would treat these as natural crystals and go by the colour of the sheen or coating that is bonded to the crystal. Clear quartz amplifies energy, and this gives this crystal a lot of power in amplifying any healing property as indicated by the metallic sheen, i.e. pink or green for treating the heart, blue for the throat and so on.


One of the best ways to buy them is wholesale, be it clusters or a geode. Rings are very popular and you can find these crystals set into a necklace or pendant. Beads however may be harder to find for sale. Pendulums are also special. Personally I haven't noticed spheres or wands in the market place but it could be worth looking on eBay or Etsy for those. There are many varieties and uses for these beautiful crystals which are normally small crystals.

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