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Angelic Crystals Connect To The Divine

Danburite angel crystal
All angel stones are higher vibrational in nature, acting as a bridge between heaven and earth. The way to use them is to hold one in the hand or place it on your body. The best time is during meditation, either sitting or lying in a deeply relaxed state with your stone, tuning into it and asking for messages from your angels. If you are lying down, you can place one of the following crystals (see below) on your brow chakra.

You will want to use a cleansed stone and ask for angelic protection before you start. Then all you need to do is meet the angels halfway by offering them a clear and uncluttered mind through meditation, and your consciousness should automatically rise higher so that they can reach down to impart messages, images, words, etc. Remember to thank your angels when you've finished and ground yourself adequately after your meditation. Crystals can help with the initial connection but remember, we do not actually need aids since our minds can accomplish this without.

11 Angelic Stones & Crystals

Angelite is a calming blue stone that aids us to connect to angels of all kinds, and with the added bonus of helping to connect to your guides in spirit as well. A good stone of communication that aids in channeling also.

Angel aura quartzAngel Aura Quartz is most often man made, by bonding a clear quartz with a layer of silver or platinum, also known as Pearl or Opal Aura quartz. If drawn to this stone, you will find it a powerful psychic stone and a connector to your own Higher Self wisdom. It is an all-round stone because it can accomplish so much, including aiding angel communication as well as working with your chakras. With its romantic, rainbow lights it has quite a mystic appearance. A very safe stone to use and is ideal for beginners. Found often as pendants.

Celestite or Celestine, with its beautiful energy, brings angels very close to us. With a divine blue energy, it is both soft and intense. Will aid in general spiritual growth and upliftment as well as angel communication.

Danburite, with its affinity to the crown chakra, connects us to divine consciousness. It is one of the best crystals to use for contacting the angelic kingdoms as well as opening the heart chakra powerfully.

Herkimer Diamond is a powerful, double terminated quartz, and while not an actual diamond it is a particularly hard and lustrous type of quartz that is exceptionally clear. These wonderful crystals are excellent for ascension, letting go, and accessing information from other realms like the angelic.

LarimarLarimar, pictured right, tunes us to the angelic kingdom. A very popular stone right now, be sure to get natural, "unheated" stones which have that soft blue, angelic energy. (If you source a heated stone, it is effectively dead.) Larimar is said to help remembrance of past lives from Atlantis. A stone of unconditional love and harmony, a beautiful essence to wear in jewellery of all kinds.

Morganite is especially connected to the Ascended Master Kwan Yin, a stone of deep unconditional love. Kwan Yin's angelic presence can fill us with love, compassion for all life, healing and patience. We become more strongly aware of the spiritual nature of the universe and all in it.

Phenacite can be used to commune with angelic realms as well as enhance healing powers. An excellent stone to use with the soul star chakra in order to activate it further.

Prehnite is specifically associated with Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, but will aid in reaching the higher dimensions in general. This is a stone of prophecy that aids in precognition or knowing events before they occur. It can also help with connection to elemental beings.

White Sapphire is handy in bringing a closer connection to angelic spheres whilst also activating the crown chakra.

Selenite has an ephemeral, high vibration that resonates with the angels. This stone is said to bring visions from past or future lifetimes. A crown chakra stone, placing a piece next to one's bed may help slow down the aging process through its unique rejuvenating properties.

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