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Boost Your Attractive Power To Prosperity

These are the best stones to help a person attract and then retain abundance. These stones can be used to decorate a home by placing them in the top right corner of a home (as viewed from the front entrance in feng shui), or they can be worn in jewellery or placed in a pocket or bag. Many abundance stones are yellow, orange, red or, interestingly, green.

21 Crystals For Abundance & Prosperity

Amber is a very uplifting stone (in fact it is a tree resin) that strongly promotes the attainment of wealth. It ranges in colour from light yellow to orange and brown, also green. It is considered a lucky stone and can clear pathways for success to enter one's life. See Amber Properties

Bloodstone can ground a person and also attract wealth. By being properly grounded, the wealth once attained is more likely to be kept.

orange calciteYellow and Orange Calcite are inexpensive abundance stones that are quite beautiful. They work with the solar plexus chakra and can boost energy levels as well. I have given up trying to find good quality citrine that is real, instead turning to orange calcite. I think it is just as good and at least you can tell you are getting the real thing.

Carnelian is a calming stone of strength and courage that can directly attract abundance for one who is shy or timid when it comes to wealth. It can be found in lighter orange through to deep maroon colour, the latter which is more powerful.

Charoite is a transformative stone found only in Russia that has the power of manifestation of dreams. This can translate to attracting wealth or dreams directly, and is a powerful stone well worth looking into as it is also quite beautiful if you enjoy exotic violet-purple stones. See Charoite Properties

Citrine is arguably the most talked about crystal for prosperity. Most of the citrine 'clusters' selling are in fact heat-treated amethyst, and they tend to be bright orange or burnt brown. These fakes are obvious because natural citrine is not shaped like amethyst. In fact, real citrine is more similar in form to clear quartz. Be aware that clear quartz is being dipped in a wine-coloured solution and sold as citrine/smoky citrine, and this false colour washes off. Citrine is better bought in good quality jewellery like rings or bracelets and worn. See Citrine Properties

Red Garnet
is a deep, rich red or maroon colour that is very beautiful in jewellery. This stone stimulates the base chakra, helps to boost confidence and energy, and also aids in attracting wealth.

Fluorite is an abundance stone.

Fire Agate offers a strong shield of protection and is excellent for dispelling fear, a stone that transmutes energy and attracts wealth.

Jade is well known for being a stone of both abundance and health, and can also imbue the wearer with the knowledge that the universe is indeed abundant, if one has a problem feeling this truth.

jasper pendant Yellow and Green Jasper are beautiful stones of abundance that shouldn't be overlooked. These are inexpensive but that does not diminish their metaphysical properties. Yellow jasper is used in feng shui by the Chinese and is placed in the area of wealth in the house; this is why you can buy hand-carved animal statues in jasper. The darker the stone the more powerful the energy is. If you can pick up a lovely ring or pendant, they make interesting and unusual jewellery items.

Peridot is delightful in jewellery if you can source the genuine stone; many fakes abound that appear to be coloured glass of some kind. This is a shame because peridot is quite powerful, it can open up opportunities and draw money to you. It aids in opening a person to receiving from the universe. Being green, it is a heart stone that can heal emotions, heal the heart, and bring more compassion. I find this a difficult stone to source, however there are peridot essences on the market that carry the energy of peridot.

Smoky Quartz is excellent for abundance especially if it has some reddish, orange (citrine) tones in it. Do watch for fakes on the market. A very grounding stone that is light in character, this stone can center you and bring luck. Many people overlook this option but I would give it a try to see if it brings any extra abundance. See Smoky Quartz Properties

quartzRutilated Quartz, especially golden rutilated quartz, can attract wealth quickly; this is also a stone of amplification and can be placed next to another abundance stone like citrine or tigers eye to amplify the effects of abundance. The more rutile (threads or angel hair) in the quartz, the stronger it can attract wealth.

Ruby can stimulate abundance, especially red ruby above the pink variety. It is similar in most ways to red garnet and carnelian in bestowing confidence, energy and passion. A brilliant stone to wear to attract wealth.

Yellow Sappire is a stone associated with wealth and also a beautiful stone to wear in fine jewellery.

tigers eye Tigers Eye is a stone of abundance and protection, a power stone. It has a wonderful, powerful energy, and makes a great decoration for the home, especially using a sizable chunk as pictured. The gold colour in this stone sizzles with attractive power and the brown is very grounding, making this a winning combination for attracting abundance. See Tigers Eye Properties

Topaz, especially golden topaz, is an abundance stone although beware the fakes out there. It is also a calming and balancing stone.

Green Tourmaline is one of the more beautiful and expensive stones with the usual fake ones for sale. A stone of compassion, this can also boost abundance if you can find a nice piece.

Opal is said to be a stone of abundance that both attracts and also retains what you attract.

Moss Agate is a green earth stone that deepens a person's connection to the earth and is said to bring abundance in general and, in particular, for growing crops.

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