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Crystals, Meditation And Healing

Crystals are an invaluable tool used for healing, each variety of crystal useful for certain types of healing. We do not always know which is the best crystal to use at any one time. Sometimes we are in need of a stimulating stone that gives us extra energy, fire and courage. At other times when we are looking within, we would benefit better using a crystal that helps us release the past, let go and remain calm and centered. It is easy to overlook what would be best when we consider which crystal to work with, carry or wear, and this is where the angels come in with their perfectly timed advice.

Meditating To Receive Healing Advice

An invaluable way to tap into our healing team of angels and/or our HigAquamarineher Self is to meditate and ask them what would best suit our needs at the present time. Do we need to work on our communication aided by wearing Lapis Lazul? Are we releasing a block of anger and need to draw on our Aquamarine to sooth and cool our mood? Or do we need the protection of fiery amber to wear as a talisman to ward away the negative thoughts of others around us? Sometimes we really don't know and this is where the angels around us can happily give their best advice whilst we meditate. It could come to us as a colour, as an energy, or as an image of a stone we have.

At certain times there may be no need to wear a crystal, and perhaps we can choose our own based on our mood. I love it when my angels tell me what crystal to wear. If we are very honest during our meditations, our healing angel team can give us other advice as well regarding lifestyle, though usually we need to ask first. I always say ask them, ask the angels and then see what happens.

Angel Healing Teams

We all have around us an expert team of healers that dwell in higher dimensions than the one we exist in. It may seem like a privilege to have this team, yet it is essential because of a phenomenon called Ascension, in other words our personal vibrations are increasing as is the energy of the earth herself. The earth is moving through a section of space with higher energy vibrations. It has been called many names; we can call it the Photon Belt as it is a belt of light (or photons). This is increasing the speed of our consciousness, our personal vibration and our planetary evolution. As we humans evolve, our bodies actually change to accommodate our mental and spiritual evolution whilst everything begins to vibrate faster and in more harmony with our creator. As a consequence we have our personal angel healing team that helps us adjust to the increased energy coming into our body. We are soaking up higher energy whether we mean to or not, as this is part and parcel of this evolutionary stage of man.

You may already have noticed, especially at night, the sometimes strange sensations of energy in the body that come and go, like feet that jerk, a sharp, sudden pain like a needle going in, or crawling energy sensations in the scalp or down the spine. The angels are merely tinkering away but there is nothing to worry about because they are protective of us.

Meditating With Crystals

There are many stones and crystals that aid in calming the mind and bringing one into a peaceful meditation (for example purple stones like amethyst or charoite are perfect for this) and I will talk about those elsewhere. In fact, it is okay to meditate with any stone of choice, so you do not need to purchase anything if you already own some crystals. You can either hold the stone in your hand whilst meditating, or place it in front of you like a living, crystal alter. You can communicate with your crystal and let it know what your intent is for the meditation. Most people will use crystals for healing purposes, or to increase a connection to their angels, or to increase their psychic sensitivity. Whatever your reason, use the appropriate crystal and let it know your intent. Crystals are intelligent and wise, let its wisdom and energy flow into you and follow where it leads. It may simply facilitate you to feel calm, it may give healing or even advice. This is an intuitive process and one we can experiment with since there is no right or wrong way to use crystals in meditation.

It always surprises me just how accurate the angels are when they suggest the perfect crystal for me. Give it a try and you may learn more about your angels in the process. Crystals can benefit us greatly, especially when we are going through a difficult period and in need of healing in both the body and the soul.

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