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Crystal Children & Adults

Crystal children and adults have amazing talents that they either come in with at birth, or they are indigos or violets who change to crystal over time whilst here on earth. They are all incredibly sensitive and very psychic, but there are many attributes that make it hard to live in this world whilst being crystal. Despite the issues that crystals have, they want to be here passionately and are always looking for better ways to do things. They are not about material success but are genuinely interested in doing what they feel in their heart. Crystals dance to the beat of their own drum.


Who Are Crystal People?

We know about Indigo people and their more difficult temperaments. Indigos were here before Crystals to teach us about not following the establishment. They love to question authority and shake things up, not content to sit still or watch life pass by. On the other hand, the crystals are a lot more gentle in their approach. They aren't content to sit back either, but they approach everything much differently. Unlike Indigos they are not quick to react but will take the problem away with them to think about what to do. Crystals are unlikely to ever give up and are also bringing sweeping changes to this world.

Crystal children tend to be just a little autistic so they may take a while to become good communicators, yet they will get there in the end. They are almost a little half in and half out of this world, like cats, and may take a few years to anchor properly. As toddlers, they are slow to communicate and will be more telepathic in nature, but you will understand exactly what they are trying to tell you. We need to understand that telepathy is like second nature to them so talking properly occurs more around 3-4 years old. They may be almost silent before this age. Let's now look at some of their traits.

Characteristics Of A Crystal

1. Very large and soulful eyes is often what we notice first about crystals. They are peaceful eyes wise beyond their years. They emanate love and non-judgment.

2. They are quite likable and full of love and compassion. Some people may try to take advantage of them but crystals ignore this and do their own thing. They may get a lot of invitations from those who want something from them but the crystals just decline and let it go. People do search them out when they want attention or a listening ear.

3. They are very psychic children, and have the special talent of knowing immediately when anyone is lying. Their response is always, "Why lie?" People around them tell endless small fibs and sometimes large lies. With a radar for recognising lies psychically, lies tend to roll off their back and they are unconcerned although puzzled, for they do not lie themselves. They are also very telepathic and clairsentient (clear feeling) and always interact with other dimensions and their own Higher Self. Its not a big deal to them but simply comes naturally.

4. They love nature with a passion and all living things. They cannot kill, not even insects. Others will squash or kill things but crystals become alarmed and say, "Don't kill it!" They leave the choice up to others to exercise their free will but have to turn away when anything is killed as it goes opposite to their own nature.

5. Crystals hate pollution and they understand that the entire planet is run in an incorrect manner. The leadership on earth resembles complete madness to them and they will dwell on it everyday, wondering when will the humans learn to take care of their home world in a proper manner. They put up with it but will never understand it.

6. Many have slight autism or Asperger's syndrome, but this can get better the older they get.

7. Often they find it difficult to stay in large crowds or gatherings of people, due to the psychic smog and noise; they can be freaked out by too much activity, preferring quieter scenes. They can sense the energy of crowds as a real, living thing which others do not even notice. Such a gathering could only be tolerated for a short time.

8. They need a lot of quiet time alone to recharge themself, just like the Indigos. Although they would rather be like everyone else, they tend to seek out alone time even if they don't want to. They may even prefer to work alone some of the time. Being around others on a constant basis can be terribly difficult when you are that sensitive.

9. They carry a very high vibration and so keep their thoughts to themselves. They may not want to share their wisdom with others like the general public, as many would never understand how they think, or their views on how this planet should be run. They are forerunners and are ahead of their time. Until humans are able to understand what is going on on this world, they simply keep it them themselves.

10. Crystals love company of people who are just like them, if they can find them. They aren't really loners but are careful of who they accept as a friend. You will need to get their trust and have something interesting to offer them, like intelligent conversation or a really fun, relaxed time. They love to converse and love children's company as well.

11. Crystals often fall pray to food allergies, chemical sensitivities, and GMOs. They know what they can and can't eat and have to be careful to keep themself well.

12. They are empaths and will probably grow to be Lightworkers. They can feel and sense energy so strongly that they need to learn how to protect themselves from other's energy, as it can be a real problem for them. They are also healers and will probably end up working in a lightworker or healing capacity.

13. They will probably collect many crystals and have these around their home because they love them. They can feel the healing energy of each crystal and love to have them around in each room. To them, crystals are living creatures.

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