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Open & Activate Your "Solar Star" Chakra

One of the newer chakras we now have access to as our bodies become more crystalline during ascension, is the solar star chakra, located about 6 inches above the head and crown chakra.

solar star chakraWhilst we receive energy from the Mother (Earth) up through our earth star chakra, we receive energy from the Father (God) down through the solar star chakra. As we become more spiritually oriented and more naturally drawn towards the divine, this chakra opens more fully to allow the full light of God or Enlightenment to enter into us (the physical body or lower vehicle). It comes from God down through our own soul, which exists in a higher plane, and filters down to us through the solar star chakra (or seat of the soul). This light literally enlightens our mind and brings us more fully in alignment with our Higher Self. The Higher Self is fully aware on its own plane of existence, and continually tries to contact us with spiritual messages or information. As we turn upwards and look for more spiritually, we begin to sync with our own Higher Self. This activates and opens the channel more fully.

Your solar star may already be open - especially if you are dawn to spiritual literature, to helping earth and her inhabitants. If so, it will stay open and all you have to do is allow it to naturally open even wider; you do not have to force this. You may also become very interested in understanding karma in order to transcend it. Those who do not care about the consequences of their actions will have a closed solar star or only partially open.

How To Open And Activate The Solar Star

It is important to activate the earth star chakra first so that we can properly open the solar star. We can activate our solar star using our pure intent, meditation, crystals, and asking the angels to help us. Please keep reading below to learn which crystals can be used.

Solar Star Chakra Meditation

Meditation is the best way to consciously tune into this chakra and open it more fully. Find a quiet spot to sit or lie down, close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. When you are calm and present in the moment, switch your focus to visualising a pillar of light through your entire chakra system (lightbody) as outlined below.

Imagine pure white light from the Central Sun passing through our local sun and entering your body through your solar star chakra above your head. Focus on this chakra specifically for a few minutes, seeing the light enter it and spin through it. What does the light do to this chakra? Does the energy feel dirty? Spend as long as you feel necessary to spin light through it to cleanse it. When ready, send the light down through the rest of your chakras in descending order. Spend a few moments spinning the light through each, then finally see it reaching your earth star chakra. You might want to take particular notice and spend extra time here also, visualising the light cleansing the chakra, and imagining your chakra spinning and growing as it is activated. This helps to balance it with your chakra system.

Now the light is ready to travel down out of your body and into the earth body, traveling down into the heart of the earth at the core. Take this opportunity to talk to Mother Earth and tell her of your love for our planet, of your gratitude to be here, and contemplate how you want to see her become more healthy and vibrant. The earth mother will hear you.

When you have completed this, visualise the energy returning to you from the core of earth, traveling through rock layers until it reaches up to your earth star once more. See it travel up through all of your chakras to form the pillar of light before leaving via the soul star chakra above your head. You might want to take this opportunity to once more balance this chakra and see if it will open further. Send prayers and thanks to God as you send the light back out into the universe. Visualise it continuing on to the sun, then the central sun as it goes all the way back to Source. (Stars are like universal chakras and they communicate with our own chakras as a matter of course, in order to reprogram us with new galactic intent.)

Crystals To Use With The Solar Star Chakra

crystals for solar star chakraThe best crystals to use to balance and activate the solar star are selenite, zircon, tanzanite, tanzine aura quartz, danburite (right), and dream quartz.

Lie down and place one of these crystals above the head where it will correspond to this chakra. Close your eyes and tune in or meditate on the chakra and see how it appears, large or small? Is it dirty or murky, or clean and bright. Allow the crystal to do its work. You can even ask your angels to help you to activate or cleanse the chakra if it needs this.

Have faith and trust that it is opening as it is meant, in divine timing. Staying focussed on love and spiritual thoughts will help this to open. Just as the earth star must be opened first, also the heart will need to be open. As we evolve and become more loving, so to will we receive more impulses from our Higher Self and more divine energy down through this chakra.

Solar Star Chakra Colour

Colours included in the solar star are white, silver, violet and magenta. There is said to be another chakra higher than this (in fact the chakras are infinite as we eternally evolve higher). That chakra is called the Stellar Gateway Chakra which is at a high level.

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