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Open & Activate Your "Earth Star" Chakra

As we collectively undergo our Ascension into higher energy, our chakra system has also been expanded, rebooted and cleansed. In days gone past, we were taught about the seven chakra system (7 main chakras), yet this has expanded throughout humanity to the new thirteen chakra system. Some of these new and interesting chakras are outside of the physical body, yet contained within our etheric body and aura.

Earth StarOne such 'new' chakra is named the Earth Star. The earth star chakra resides 12 inches below our feet and is connected to the earth itself. It is located below the root/base chakra and serves much the same purpose in terms of grounding us to the earth. This spinning wheel of energy is connected to the crystalline planetary grid and, therefore to the collective consciousness of the planet. You are also connecting closely to the heart and mind of Mother Earth - the spiritual being. Our planet is indeed alive and conscious, destined to be a spiritual 'star', hence the term earth star. Once our energy enters her through our new first chakra below the feet, it travels deeply to reach the heart of Mother Earth. We also receive energy from the Mother up through this chakra, which then travels up all of our chakras and exits us through our Solar Star Chakra

There are several consciousness grids surrounding the earth and we wish to connect to the crystalline grid that represents 5th dimensional consciousness and our planet's ascension. Do not worry though because all of us are going through this transition and all is going to plan for mother earth.

How To Open And Activate The Earth Star

Do not fear that you must do anything fancy in order to activate this chakra. Many websites out there instill fear and then offer an activation meditation for a cost. Just know that any meditation you do for yourself will be just as powerful, and you do not need to line someone else's pocket in order to ascend or be closer to God! So how do we activate this chakra? Easy! With our pure intent, meditation, and asking the angels to help us. We can also use crystals that are made to open and balance this very chakra! Please keep reading below to learn which crystal is best.

Earth Star Chakra Meditation

It is best to meditate out in nature either sitting or lying on the grass or ground. Take a few minutes beforehand to tune into nature, relax and shake off your other thoughts. When you feel calm enough, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Switch your focus to creating a pillar of light through your entire chakra system (lightbody) as outlined below.

Imagine pure light from the Central Sun passing through our local sun and entering your body through your solar star chakra above your head, then your crown chakra, and descending through each of your chakras as it descends. Spend a few moments spinning the light through each, then finally see it reaching your earth star chakra. You might want to take particular notice and spend extra time here seeing the light cleansing the chakra, and imagining your chakra spinning and growing as it is activated. This helps to balance it.

Now the light is ready to travel down out of your body and into the earth body, traveling down into the heart of the earth at the core. Take this opportunity to talk to Mother Earth and tell her of your love for our planet, of your gratitude to be here, and contemplate how you want to see her become more healthy and vibrant. The earth mother will hear you.

When you have completed this, visualise the energy returning to you from the core of earth, traveling through rock layers until it reaches up to your earth star once more. See it travel up through all of your chakras to form the pillar of light (this helps to connect and balance the chakras) before leaving via the soul star chakra above your head. See this light continue on to the sun, then the central sun as it goes all the way back to Source.

Crystals To Use With The Earth Star Chakra

earth star crystal One crystal to use to balance and activate the earth star is Aqua Aura Quartz. This beautiful crystal represents the earth's oceans, remembering that the surface earth is about 70% water, as are our bodies.

You will notice that this crystal is quite different to the ones we use to activate the base chakra - where we generally use black or red-coloured grounding stones. Aqua aura quartz is a clear quartz that is thinly coated in gold. Some of these are naturally occurring, and others are man-made (hence the proliferation of this stone currently). There is absolutely nothing wrong with working with the man-made varieties that have applied a gold coating in a lab. You do not need a big stone at all; just a small one worn on the body is enough.

Many people are drawn to this crystal without truly knowing why. As we learn more about its spiritual properties, we can more consciously use it for our own earth grid connection. If, however, you prefer to use your black stones, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, shungite, etc. and are not drawn to aqua aura quartz, then go ahead and use these stones for the earth star and for grounding, as they may indeed be more helpful for you.

Earth Star Chakra Colour

The colour of the earth star is turquoise blue, so use this also in your visualisations. Try to see how large the chakra appears to you and how clear and bright the colour is. If the colour is dimmed, murky or the chakra is really small, simply meditate on it more often and flow healing white light through it with your pillar of light (described above). Keep spinning the light through it until it grows brighter and more healthy. Then will you know it is further activated and therefore connecting you more strongly into the crystalline grid of earth.

Some claim that the earth star is a black coloured energy wheel, however, any chakra that appears dark or blackish is probably unhealthy; our chakras should be vibrantly coloured when healthy. Black can indicate a lack of light and blockages.

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