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What Is The Lightbody?

aura lightbodyThe "aura" or LIGHTBODY sums up the seven miraculous levels of energy fields that make up the full human. Some may be aware that we possess an etheric body double, plus an emotional and mental body - containing just that, emotional and mental energy. But there are four levels above that which we may consider.

The term Lightbody describes the vehicle that houses our consciousness in both the lower and higher dimensions. The lightbody we have as such is not permanent for as we evolve, we move our consciousness into more refined vehicles. We move up dimensions, shedding the outdated bodies as we no longer need them.

The Lightbody is evolving as humans increase in consciousness and vibration. As more of our soul is housed in our lower bodies, our DNA begins to further evolve as does the capacity of our lightbody. We develop more chakras, the centers that intersect the physical and the lightbody, the go-between portals that connect both. You can think of the lightbody as the garment we wear when we finish this lifetime and pass over to other dimensions. We leave our physical vessel behind, it dies, but we continue to travel onwards wearing our lightbody.

7 Levels Of The Lightbody

Below we discuss the etheric/physical, the emotional, mental, causal, atmic, monadic, and logoic bodies. Some of these higher bodies are truly vast in nature, being galactic. We tend to think of ourself as a small being housed in a small body, yet as we evolve we move into larger bodies and our aura grows vastly. People with evolved auras can stretch over 20 miles. Jesus for example had a very strong and large lightbody that reached large distances, for he had become a vessel of divine energy. With one touch of his robe, people could become cured by his light entering them. The future of humankind is to grow, evolve and develop majestic bodies of pure, divine light.

1. The Physical/Etheric Body

The body we know and love, it is the lowest vibrational aspect of our lightbody vehicle. The physical body has an etheric copy/blueprint. Physical health is affected by the health of this etheric energy body, and also the etheric body can be likewise affected by the physical. For example, it is well known that drug use will punch holes in the etheric body and energy armour, allowing negative entities to invade the physical. A natural diet and avoidance of excessive alcohol should allow us to keep out unwanted energies and entities. The etheric body has a golden-white, transparent appearance and we need to protect its health as we do with the physical.

2. The Emotional Body

Also known as the Astral body, this one contains a store of emotions that we allow to come into it. By resonating to lower emotions like envy, guilt, shame or hatred, we bring these energies into our emotional body and hold them there. This is what can create a dark aura around a person. Unlovely emotions and disharmony hold back our evolution and can eventually manifest as illness. We can work to raise our consciousness and let go of negative emotions. Fear is the lowest vibrational energy of all and is also held in this body. We attract emotional energy to us through our thoughts, so by raising our thoughts, we raise our emotions. Depression is the result of constant negative beliefs that affect the physical and emotional body and create fatigue.

3. The Mental Body

Most people have a mental body of varying development and intellect, some more evolved than others. A person who appears unable to think rationally, or with a lower IQ, may be a younger soul who is beginning to evolve their mental body. The youngest of souls are learning how to develop strong mental reasoning, which can take eons of evolvement and experience. Many souls are also learning how to control their emotional body rather than have emotions control them. They are evolving the lower levels of their lightbody.

We can use our mental body to access the divine and levels of pure love, or to enslave ourself in lower thinking and self worship. The mind is a tool that we use as we evolve, but we (our soul) is housed on a higher level (see below). We associate ourself with our mental body because it is the highest level of the lower threefold body. For many it is the highest body they are aware of so far.

Our thoughts go out into the world and manifest. Peaceful thoughts and faith will banish stress that comes from fearful thinking. Mental stress creates exhaustion in our physical body, so higher thoughts keep us more active and energetic.

causal body

4. The Causal Body

Also known as the Buddhic or Spiritual body. The next four bodies described below are more esoteric in nature but form part of our overall Lightbody. It is not important to know about these four which appear mystical in nature, yet they are interesting to note.

As a vehicle, we use our Causal body to travel during sleep, where we may attend lessons. We have another life lived during sleep time, which tends to be more spiritual in nature whilst we wear our causal body.

The causal body is used to maintain Christ Consciousness once one enters upon this path of higher initiation. Christ Consciousness is maintained using diligence towards the purity achieved in the mental body. A mental body focussed on the divine and pure loving thoughts is the entrance to causal body awareness. This is awareness and blending with our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is self aware on its own level, so we seek to become it, thus bringing it down into the lower levels of matter. Then we can achieve super-consciousness. Rare high initiates are able to bring this Buddhic body awareness into their lower bodies (i.e. mental body) and thus walk the earth as a Buddha/Christ. Christ is a title for those who incorporate their Causal body.

5. The Atmic Body

A body of higher intellect which serves to protect all the bodies below it. One of its main roles is to transduce energy from God down to the lower bodies. It will allow the God energy into the consciousness in a way that is perfect for the evolution that has been reached.

6. The Monadic Body (The Monad)

A very high and powerful body. Whilst the Atmic body looks down at the lower lightbody levels to direct energy downwards, the Monadic body is focussed upwards. It looks up towards the Godhead, Mother/Father God. The energy the lower bodies generate is collected by the Monad and sent upwards towards God. Our Monad does God's will directly. This level of Lightbody acts as a master or teacher to the lower aspects of Its self, including the Higher Self. It is like an Oversoul, and serves as master to many others in Its soul family who are beneath it.

7. The Logoic Body

Only after we have merged with our Monad in some far off future time, do we begin to reach towards the Logoic body, a truly vast lightbody. This is the seventh level of Ascension, a process taking eons of time. This body directly teaches God's teaching to all the lower bodies at their various understanding, simultaneously. All aspects of the lightbody should be growing and expanding together to keep the balance. You can think of each lighbody as a chakra of a grander being (Us), and this being is balancing each chakra over time. All levels of lightbody are evolving as directed by God through the Logoic body.

~ * ~

It is exciting because the expansion never ends. The greatest of Masters and even the Archangels are forever learning and unfolding higher bodies of light. With the increased expansion, all move closer to understanding the divine. The goal is to do God's work, be it helping others, the earth, the environment or animals, etc - this is the work of God that is passed down to us. When we are moved to help others we are hearing the intent of our Higher Self, which in turn comes from the Monad/Oversoul, which in turn filters down to us from higher levels. In time we willingly merge with our higher lightbodies.

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