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The High Heart (Thymus) Chakra

As the human body and consciousness continues to Ascend, many previously unactivated chakras begin to come online. Do you sometimes feel a burning in your heart chakra (which is often an activation)? The High Heart Chakra is a pure emerald colour and sits above the heart chakra and below the throat chakra. As its name suggests, its function is heart/love related, and more specifically the Chakra of Compassion. Its function is related to the thymus gland.

heart chakra

Compassion is a high spiritual emotion. In fact, compassion is divine in nature and not really an emotion at all. We know that humanity is on the right path and evolving when we see this chakra activate and we witness the soothing, healing balm of compassion in us and others. Although it still might be a little uncommon to see this in ordinary life, there are those forerunners who are mastering such spiritual energies, and fully opening and balancing these new chakras.

Our heart chakra (symbol pictured above) is where we generate and feel love, whilst the high heart is used to express this love. If you know someone who loves another but never expresses it, it's a good guess their thymus chakra is not open or functioning correctly.

Will Everyone Activate The High Heart?

There's a bit of a divide between people right now comparing those who embrace Love, as higher vibrations become available to us, and those who still turn away from it. Our dear earth is literally awash with the high energy of love that is still increasing daily, even hourly. This increased vibration comes to our world from a galactic source via our stargate, the sun. It activates our evolving DNA which in turn evolve our chakra systems so we can handle the higher energies.

What we are seeing are many, many who are becoming Love. They care passionately about other humans, our societies, the earth and all creatures. Then we have the others who tend to block this completely, turning inwards to their own ego energy and craving possessions, power or money. Some people may be unable to open their high heart whilst for others it is a seemingly natural occurrence.
lotus healing

Staying Connected

Once your high heart chakra comes online and you begin to use this constantly in your chakra system (all chakras are connected to each other and to the physical body), it is not really possible to disable it again. Indeed, it is easier to keep the heart open as wide as it will go, rather than close it and stay disconnected. Do you know how much energy the 'haters' use each day to stay rigidly in an energy of discord? Let's just say it is a lot!

If you feel compassion for any living thing, be it a stray cat, a crying baby or a sick plant, then your high heart is probably open. Many children being born now are coming in with this center fully activated. Let's encourage their compassion to continue to grow and not block it.

Compassion is different from sympathy and even empathy. Compassion is deep and soothing to the one who experiences it. The more you can feel compassion, the more you are healing yourself, not just others. You may search for exercises to open this chakra, for example meditation may help, yet the best way is to practice compassion in real life. Spending five minutes a day thinking about compassion will allow us to open the door. We can encourage it to enter and ask the angels for help in becoming more compassionate. Another technique is to choose a person in our life and try to send them unconditional compassion, seeing things deeply from their perspective. Picking someone easy, someone we understand better, is a good first step.

Compassion is a great healing energy that all the great Masters used, including Jesus and Mother Mary. Compassion is for all of us. One day the earth will contain only those who adhere to it, for the earth itself is ascending to a higher level of energy.


Crystals that will help open the higher heart chakra are Dioptase, the emerald crystal of compassion, and Pink Kunzite, a gentle crystal of divine love.

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