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Chakra Test

Enhance your smallest Chakras until they're all Strong and equally Large. Then test to see which are your weakest chakras.

We are doing a meditation on each of our seven chakras to sense their health, then we will cleanse and balance them. Its important to keep the chakras both cleansed and balanced so that we ourself are kept in balance during our daily routines. This is something that can be done once a week, or more often if you are keen, to keep the health of our whole body in order.


We are doing this meditation with our guides and angels, our trusted friends in spirit who will be helping us sense what our chakras are doing. Find a quiet place to sit and relax, turn off your phone and try to get comfortable. We need to sit easily, close our eyes and slowly let ourself drift into a meditation. Take a few minutes to truly calm your mind and allow your thoughts to slow.

The Root Chakra

Once you are in a meditative state, we need to start with the Root Chakra at the base of our spine. Tune in on this and feel into it to see what its doing. Does it feel strong or weak? Look at the colour Red around this chakra and try to sense how large it is. Is it spinning, fast or slower? After a little bit, try cleansing this chakra with energy. Simply put energy into it and imagine it is being thoroughly cleaned. Spend half a minute, or longer on it, and see if it feels lighter with a stronger red colour. Imagine it spinning faster as the energy turns anything in it into light and floats away.

The Root Chakra is responsible for our sense of safety and security whilst in this earthly realm. Do we have shelter, food and safety whilst we are here? It is our connection to how we feel about them that determines how open this chakra is. We trust and have faith that all our earthly needs will be met. A good affirmation for this chakra is "My needs are always met with ease." It is an important chakra as its like our foundation in this life. We ground into the earth through it.

The Sacral Chakra

Next feel into the Sacral Chakra or the sex and creativity chakra. The colour for this is Orange and it is located between the pubic bone and naval. It is responsible for all of our creativity. Is this chakra strong or weak in energy; does it seem large? Spin energy through it to cleanse it and see how it improves.

We use this chakra for all creative endeavours on the earth. Whenever we build, write, draw, compose music, etc, we are using this chakra. Those who are easily creative in many areas have a nice, open chakra. Sexual activity is also governed by it, and having healthy sex is important with a partner we love. If you are way too sexual, or maybe not sexual enough, then there is an imbalance in this chakra. A good affirmation to use is "It is safe to play and create".

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Sense your Solar Plexus Chakra next for a few moments, how does this one feel? This is your power chakra and its located at the navel area up to the breastbone. It governs your self-esteem and confidence in this life. Its colour is bright Yellow and will be lovely and bright if you have a sense of purpose in your  life. Sense it and see if it is large, small and does it spin; how fast?

This is a good one to cleanse so pore some cleansing energy through it for half a minute and see if it brightens up. We often feel anger through this center when it isn't balanced. We wish to balance it with the other two centers we worked on, so they are all the same size and brightness. A good affirmation if its not strong enough is: "I am strong and confident."

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest and is at the mid-point of the seven chakras. The colour for this is Green (or Pink if you take the Red from the Root and combine it with White from the Crown). It is the beautiful chakra of love and compassion, softness and forgiveness. As you sense into it, does it feel open and flowing with love, or is it perhaps smaller, tighter with less energy around it. This is an important chakra to open during our earth life. It should feel healthy, largish and be spinning nicely.

Try cleansing it to balance it overall. As you rush energy through it, see it opening even fuller than it was. Do this until it feels clean. We use this center for all unselfish acts. A closed heart is full of hurt or grievances, and should be avoided. Try to let any pains go and move into a more loving space. See your heart lighten up. A good affirmation to use here is "I love everyone I meet; my heart is open."

more chakras

The Throat Chakra

We come now to the Throat Chakra which governs communication. It is Blue in colour and located at the throat. When it is open and functioning, we can talk and listen in a higher fashion, calmly speaking our truth as we need to. When it is closed, we have lots of problems saying what we need to when we need to. Sense into it now for a moment and see if it is smaller or larger, is it spinning?

Give this chakra a cleanse with your energy and see if it improves. Many people have issues here so take your time and see how it responds to your energy. Wearing blue can help to release a stuck throat chakra. You may want to use an affirmation like "I speak my truth calmly as soon as I feel it."

The Brow Chakra

Known often as the Third Eye Chakra, this is located between and a little above the eyes, on our forehead. It is Violet in colour and controls intuition and spiritual wisdom. It is a higher chakra. It can allow us to open to all kinds of psychic knowledge, including clairvoyance and telepathy. As we sense into this chakra, what does it tell you? We can send in our energy to cleanse it and see what happens. Can we make it grow or make it brighter?

We can often feel a tingling or pulsing around this center as it is opening.  An affirmation to help this chakra is "My intuition is open, my third eye is active."

The Crown Chakra

A very sacred chakra, the Crown Chakra is located on top of our head and is said to contain one thousand petals. It is White in colour. This is a very spiritual center of energy that connects us to enlightenment and God. From this center we can build a bridge to our Higher Self, a part of our awareness that is above or beyond us in our present state. From our point in evolution, this chakra is the highest point, and it is where all spiritual knowledge can come into our awareness.

Is the Crown Chakra as large and balanced as the others? Is it vibrating as much? We can sense this and bring in our energy cleaner to make it clearer and dross free. When this chakra is balanced and open, we find we are closer to God; we are usually on a spiritual path and are able to know spiritual truths. A good affirmation for this chakra is "I am close to God, the love of God flows through me."

The Outcome

Once we have finished this meditation, we will be aware of the state of our chakra system. We will know which are the ones that need support or help along the way. We can then work to improve them as much as we are able.

If you are not a good meditator, why not practice and find ways to visualise or sense more during meditation. If you find you really cannot get far with the above method, you can always do a written chakra test (these are nowhere as good) to get an idea of which of your centers are weakened. A good test can be found here.

Hopefully you have gained an understanding of the chakras and are now able to work through and balance them so each is equal to the others.

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