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The "I AM" Presence

Is it possible today to discover the I AM Presence and then learn how to simply BE, without turmoil and judgment? Glimpses of the I AM Consciousness come from something called our 'I AM Presence' and we are able to contact this at any time. We are all looking for peace to pervade our life but maybe it isn't so much what we are doing, but who we are on the inside. Many in the past have reached an amazing state of inner peace, but is it difficult to do? We can tune into our I AM Presence any time; let's see how this is done.


The I AM Consciousness

Spiritual people talk about the I AM Consciousness and our Mighty Presence but this is not an abstract theory that we must believe - for we can feel it for ourselves, easily.

Firstly, we do not have to be incredibly spiritual to reach a higher state, nor do we have to keep to complicated rules that have been learned over years of training. It really is simply a shift in focus that can move us from identifying in what we do (our job for example) and start to focus on the fact that we ARE. We place our identity into this unchangeable fact that we are, or 'I AM', and nothing else needs to validate us.

To break all of this down into simple terms, whether you are a Christian or a Buddhist or even if you don't believe in any kind of God or man-made religion, you can still experience yourself as I AM and find a freedom in this that leads to a gentle peace of your soul. This is what we are all really searching for, this inner peace. Some souls are still firmly on the path of money or material possessions, but at some point we all begin to tire of this game. If you are reading this then maybe you too sometimes dream of simple peace in your soul. How possible is it?

Don't worry because it isn't impossible to find a real source of true peace, because it is already inside of you. You don't need any fancy teacher or expensive course to reach inside your spiritual self. You just need a place to be quiet and to think, much like Buddha did all those years ago. A moment to catch your breath and see what is inside that you may have not noticed before.

We know we are spiritual beings at our core having a human experience, so what is inside is deeply spiritual and also knowledgeable. What we actually have inside that we tend to drown out is a wise soul full of experience but also, our I AM Presence. The I Am Presence sits above us but is also part of us. We cannot be separated from it since we came from it. It is almost like our God Self.

The Mighty I AM Presence

If this begins to sound a bit 'Godly' that's because it kind of is. We have a Higher Self that watches over us and provides us with intuition and knowingness when we need it - it tells us things quietly, if we listen for it. Yet even beyond this Higher Self there is something else yet higher that we are connected to, and we can call this the I AM Presence. It simply IS, without judgment. It is beyond the duality or polarity of this world and it sits above in a dimension that is beyond both time and space.

As we are connected to it, we can tune into it to sense this "I AM-ness". I am that I am. Sit quietly and tune into the sense that you ARE, you exist beyond logic and beyond all that is ordinary and mundane. We get caught up with living in the human world of physical reality that demands our attention upon practical matters of living. We learn lessons as we go about our lives, almost without realising it, and we rarely stop to think about our existence, the miracle that is us.

Where did we come from? Why are we here? But tuning into your own I AM Presence, whether right now or in a meditation, we come head to head with the certainly that we exist and that it is enough. It is an odd feeling that here we are (for whatever reason) and we are aware of it. We don't need to "do" anything because we already exist. Doing is not as important as Being. We feel ourselves opening or loosening up inside as judgments begin to slide off us. We ARE. We are beingness. Yes the hectic world exists and we must be part of it, yet there is that eternally quiet part of us that just is. It knows that it is, and it is peaceful. The eternal peacefulness that cannot be described. It is a blissful moment. We felt our own I AM.

It needs no further validation because we don't sense it with the mind, we sense it with the spiritual part of us, a higher part of us. You may feel it now when you ponder the question of I AM. It has a stillness to it, a quietness, and it brings peace. Once we tune into it constantly, we may enter into a higher consciousness sometimes called the I AM Consciousness. Yet generally we can sense it when we think upon it and only then.

It is up to us to foster this relationship, this connection to the higher part of ourself. Whenever we need peace or reassurance, we can sense it there. It never goes away and is never too busy to show itself to us. It may not talk to us in words, but it doesn't need to. What a wonder.

When we get tired of the world, we can remind ourself that we are more than this human body, beautiful as it is. We are more than our human mind which is often full of illusion. We are real and only God knows why but we ARE. What a wonderful, peaceful reality.

To use the I AM Presence Decrees to summon your presence more clearly go to I AM Presence Decrees.

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