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7 Easy Steps To Meditate Now

Meditation is a favorite way to relax when feeling hyper stressful because it works. It never fails to bring a peace and a feeling of wellbeing. It's not hard to quickly learn how to meditate in the privacy of your own home. Follow these simple steps below and you will be relaxed and also find a healing space and good posture for your meditation. Read more below.


1. Prepare Your Space

Set aside one or two specific spaces in your home in which you can always meditate. A simple routine can make it easier to slip into your meditation and allows you to have less distraction before doing so. The point of meditation is to be more relaxed so coming to your usual place is helpful for you to be more clear mentally.

Some usual places could include your bedroom in front of a window, on the bed facing a certain direction, an empty living area facing a nice aspect, or an empty room or space. You can set up a space using, for example, a cushion or rug, or a set of ear plugs to block noise. If you need a chair to meditate in, your favourite is an easy way to set your space.

2. Position Yourself Comfortably

There are several ways you can sit in order to meditate. Avoid lying down horizontally because you may actually drift off to sleep very easy.

If you're younger you're best sitting cross legged on the floor or bed. Since your body is fitter, you don't need to recline in a chair. You may want to experiment with your method of crossing your legs to find the most comfortable way. If it's difficult resting your feet on your thigh don't force it. For older persons, if you can sit without a chair then this is best, otherwise, simply find a very comfortable chair and sit normally with your legs in front and feet touching the floor.

An important part of meditation is to keep your spine perfectly straight without effort. Start by making your lower back straight and you will find the rest coming into upright repose without effort. With your legs and spine positioned thusly, you can sit quietly for at ;east 15-20 minutes without discomfort, and more importantly, without being distracted by your body. You are going internal so becoming unaware of the physical self is prominent, and setting yourself up this way is the only way to achieve this.

3. Breathe In & Empty Your Mind

Once you get the hang of this step then the rest will come so much more easily for you. Before we can settle into a deep meditative state, we must calm our mind and settle it.

You're now sitting in position with no way to be distracted. Close your eyes and start to breath deeply to release your daily stresses, and practise bringing your mind back to the present moment. Your mind will be restless or busy at first, wanting to think, so keep bringing it back to your breathing, or to the quiet noises around you. Allow at least two minutes for this process, and if you are a beginner you may need to keep doing this intermittently.

As you begin to settle your breathing will slow more and your mind becomes nice and quiet. Now we are starting to meditate and we continue to keep our mind on the present moment. You will start to feel very relaxed and you may simply start to smile for the pleasure of it. It's a nice state to be in.


4. Be In Peace Or Love

You have arrived at that space where your mind is floating and you feel peaceful. Allow this peace to deepen. You may sit in this space for a while or for the entire meditation, it is really up to you.

Whilst in this space, it's nice to imagine light all around your body; a pure, white light diffusing you or clearing your aura. There is NO effort in this, it is a gentle sensation as you allow light to come through you and your aura.

You may become aware of your guides or angels around you, and you may want to ask them a question if you wish. Meditation is the best time to hear or sense a response or to get a solution, and none of this is forced. Simply put the question to them and see if anything floats into your head, like a picture, word, colour, or anything else.

You can always get simple responses like the word "patience" may come to you around your question or situation. Don't discount it as too simplistic, as angel advice is often like this. You might get an impression that the time is 'now' for what you are asking, or they may advise what you need to finish off first. Whatever comes to you will right from your angels or guides, and you may wish to note it down when you finish meditating.

5. Visualisation Or Healing

Was one of your goals for today's meditation to visualise a positive result for yourself, others, or the world? Many people meditate to send specific energy around the world for healing, or to help balance a situation, energy or outcome. Some people may visualise that the entire world is peaceful, happy or have eaten, since there is enough food for all. Of course your visualisations may be more personal too.

If you are wishing to meditate on healing, you may send healing colours to parts of the world, or healing energy, even love energy, and it is instantly there. Or you may wish to heal yourself or clear your own energy. Green or emerald is the healing colour of Archangel Raphael, pink is the colour of love, and the Violet Flame is a powerful transmuting colour that can clear out old or disqualified energy from yourself or others.

Daisy Heart

6. Coming Out Of Meditation

You may want to allow the meditation to go until you get a distinct feeling that you've finished. This occurs when your peaceful state begins to dissipate and your mind starts to wake up somewhat with new ideas or everyday thoughts coming back to you.

I always like expressing thanks to my angels or guides, even Mother Earth. How often do we forget about our Mother planet, who we all live upon? You may in fact connect to mother earth during each meditation as you ground in, bringing universal energy down through your head/crown and through each chakra and deep into the earth. As you are ending the meditation, simply ground again to earth and pass on your love to this world we live upon, because she is a sentient being.

7. Ground Yourself Again If Needed

The grounding stage is important for us as we finish and prepare to get on with our day. If you are not grounded properly, you could be a hazard in your car, or feel spaced out, fuzzy and not yourself. One solution is to meditate in the evening when you don't need to drive again for the day. If you need to drive you may want to make sure you are fully awake again in normal consciousness. Give yourself half an hour at least.

Grounding involves exercises like stamping your feet on the ground, singing, eating, or using a smoky quartz crystal for example. One easy way is to imagine your energy going deep into the earth and connecting with Mother Earth at her core. Being properly grounded means being awake. Make sure you have a sip of water or go outside barefoot on the grass. Sit after meditation for a few minutes feeling yourself come back. Once you are grounded, you can get on with the rest of your day.

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