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Animals: The Natural Healers

Animals are spiritual beings like us who have amazing love and healing abilities. Animals can naturally heal humans not just psychologically but also physically through touch and sometimes sound. Have you ever thought of your pet as an animal doctor? They often know when something is wrong with you and then provide love and animal healing. Animals are very smart healers indeed, so let's take a look at some of the talents of these natural healers.

Cats and Dogs

Animals are amazing natural healers of many diseases that affect humans, and I'm not just talking about the company they provide and lack of isolation that many pet owners enjoy. The presence of a pet can lower anxiety, stress and actually lower blood pressure whilst rewarding the owner with love. Our animals are often our best friend, and having them around constantly helps us to feel relaxed and happy. Our animals are also hilarious little beings with a life all their own.

Hopefully we repay them by giving them hugs every day (many times a day) and never take them for granted or ignore them. I've seen pets that shy away from their owners but stick by me so often I almost cease to notice them - they will sit right in front of me. Our pets love us no matter how we treat them but they are affectionate so will expect to have a relationship with you every day, not just sometimes. We need to remember to love them in return as our responsibility for owning them.

Cat Therapy

Cats love to sit on humans, and I knew a cat who would lie on my back in a very healing fashion. Cats offer us healing when they feel we need it or are open to it, and who knows, maybe it is healing for them too. Many cats will sit happily in your lap for extended periods, perhaps nuzzling you, purring, and giving you affection. Stay still and enjoy it. They get so warm and comfortable you won't want to shake them off.

The sound of the cat's purr has been proven to be physically healing and is able to increase the healing rates of broken bones. This energy in the form of sound waves vibrates at a frequency that can heal many physical problems faster than normal - it promotes healing. Imagine what that purring energy does to your entire body to keep you well. Cats can also save us from fires if we refuse to wake, by nuzzling us. They can be little miracle workers.

Dogs Are Your Best Friend

Have you ever looked into a dog's eyes and seen nothing but adoration? They stare fixedly with love. Dogs can love us totally and all they want in return is a pat or two, or a few minutes of play. Dogs are very healing and can lower heart rate and blood pressure, and also release the bonding hormone oxytocin in humans.

Therapy dogs are used in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. We know we are onto a good things with dogs, They can also help autistic children sometimes to become more involved, connected or active. Quite remarkably, some dogs can smell when a human has cancer and can be taught to indicate this. I couldn't think of anything more helpful than finding that cancer early on. We need to get to know our dogs personalities and if they seem to be telling us something, listen, because you just never know.

Birds Sing Sweetly

There is something reassuring about birds, their sweet company and the songs they sing. Imagine a world without birds; they are so prevalent that we hardly notice them but see them gone and the world would be a strangely quiet place. From when we wake up to when the sun goes down, they are singing in sweet tones that light up the day. Birds are musical - music for free, and their lilting chirps are healing.

Pet birds provide company even though they don't intend to; they simply live their own lives. Backyard song is comforting. When we are traumatised and reduced to thinking quietly, going through our thoughts, there's always birdsong. It's rare to be able to travel anywhere without finding it; it comes through our windows. Just knowing that birds are singing happily can make us feel better. It's so powerful in its simplicity. Looking at their bright colours and quick movements you could be forgiven for thinking they're created just for humans to enjoy. Their innocent natures are a joy.

Horses Are Loyal Friends

Even horses are amazing animals who can help to heal people in all kinds of strife. The horse and pony are steady animals, sure and strong who often like human company and allow us to ride them. Equine Therapy is a tool we can use to bypass many emotional injuries.

Simply greeting a horse and being in its company can be powerful and relax us immediately, but forming a bond with the horse can be amazing. Horses take a great interest in us, even if just in observation, since they are very aware and sensitive. Horses speak in a silent manner with their bodies (ears, tails, legs, etc.) They can read humans by our own body language and display compassion and acceptance. Equine therapy can be used with many groups from veterans to prison inmates and autistic people, all of who show large improvements from being around their horse friend.

Even Fish Are Healing

Ever gone up to a beautiful fish tank to look at the elegant, colourful fish swim this way or that? We are drawn to them because they are healing, whether its their gentle movements, their colours or even watching them watching us. People who have fish as pets may form a bond with them, and these fish can even pass away if their owner is away. It's comforting to know they are always there in their tank and as always, we may confide in any of our animals and they will never say a word to another.


For true healing to occur, we must be open to receiving the animal's energy and their loving intentions. Those who are closed down may not be aided despite a pet's best help, and some owners ignore their pets not realising the wealth of experience their animal has to offer. In a sense, we allow animals to allow us to heal ourself in many cases. There is always some improvement to be had with animals as long as we are open to loving them back.

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