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Learn How To Contact Your Angels & Guides

It is more than possible to communicate with angels, in fact you are probably already doing it and feeling their energy without realising it. Sometimes our angels become so familiar to us over lifetimes that we sense their energy as normal, when it is anything but.

Who Are Our Angels?

A little bit first about who your angels are....From my experience, these beings are wise and loving, with a wicked sense of humour. They are with us to serve our best interests. Their role is to guide and aid us, but also to bring into our life those things that we wish for and that form part of our life plan.

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We have all kinds of angels from a Master Angel who will be your highest level angel, down to a team of angelic helpers. The energy of those we love who have passed on is also often around us and we may equally communicate with them if we wish. These angelic presences are beyond the capacity to hurt, all they do is help and steer us in the highest direction. It is we who choose what we do with our life through free will; they never interfere but are able to follow our wishes and our requests when we take the time to ask. They await our requests and will do all they can within the laws of creation (for example our karma) to help bring about what we ask for.

How Do Our Angels Help Us?

The ways they accomplish this are many. They may prompt us to watch a TV show or read a book that has the information that can take us to our next step in life. They can help us to make the right contacts, and meet the right people, that will assure we get where we wish to go. Our angels are even available for us to talk to (yes they do answer!) and this only takes a little practice to learn to hear them. You do not need to hear them though in order to ask them to bring you the things you need. Remember, they stand ready and waiting to serve and all we have to do is ask.

Angel Signs or Omens

If you wish to prove to yourself that your angels are listening, there is a simple way. You may ask them to show you a sign. This is how I started out many years ago with my angels, for I was not sure if they were real or not -- I asked them simply to show me a sign. In order to do this you can, right now, say out loud "Please guardian angels, show me a sign over the next few days that they are with me and listening." It is that simple. Hold on because you may be surprised as they spring into action. You must be open to receive whatever sign they feel is best for you.

My experience after I asked this occurred some hours later as I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. I felt a strong energy begin to go right through my body and with it an amazing, overpowering feeling of well-being. It was very warm and completely took hold of all my senses, relaxing me and making me feel completely safe. It is a hard feeling to describe. It lasted some 10 seconds and slowly faded, leaving me in no doubt it was the evidence I had been asking of their existence. It happened to me a second time not long after.
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Following this, and before I learned to channel my guides, they would give me another type of physical sign which involved an involuntary thumb movement (like a thumbs up!). It could happen at any time of the day or night and was a type of communication that applied when I thought or did something they wanted to encourage, as though showing me I was on the right path. I have known others who have received both of these same signs. Later on, I learned to channel them onto paper before refining my clairvoyance and hearing them speak simply in my mind.

Talking To Your Angels

Once you have received a sign from you angels, then you are ready to start talking to them, asking them clearly how you wish for them to help you, or what you hope they can bring into your life. Yes, this can be material in terms of wealth, or an object you desire. Think of it this way - what have you got to lose? Not a lot since it takes only a moment to give them a request each day and see what happens. In the next article, I shall outline some different ways you can ask for things to get you started, click on the link below to follow the easy, clear steps.

How Do I Ask Angels

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