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About Me

KoalaHi I'm Linda, I'm a Psychic Clairvoyant and self-published author who lives in Australia. One of my favourite hobbies is writing, and slowly and surely this website is growing as I add more articles. I have begun a new section in 2016 of articles devoted to individual crystals and stones, listing their healing properties. Over time I hope to cover most crystals so please check that out if interested.

This website has been designed and made by myself; I've written the code myself except for the wordpress blog. My passion is to keep improving the site and adding new articles as often as I can write them.


My new book, The Book Of Karma, is now published in both print and e-book versions and is available from all Amazon sites, i.e. Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon AU, etc. Thanks to those who have already purchased it. The book, a little over 200 print pages, is not only about karma but many other spiritual subjects that I do not cover extensively on the website. To read the first few pages for free on this website, just go here

Thanks for visiting!


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What Is Your Soul Contract?

The Book Of Karma
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