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How Our Thoughts Affect Us

I wanted to write this article as a companion article to both Affirmations and The Law of Attraction. Our thinking patterns, or the content of our thoughs, is relevant to both of the above topics because our thoughts are attractive to energy (or repulsive), and thoughts are either affirmations or negations, each with resultant outcomes.

We use thoughts constantly.Our thoughts are not 'who we are', because often we use thoughts foolishly - for example, we can be thinking negatively about a subject simply due to lazy thinking or sometimes simply out of a habit we've started, or even catching other people's thinking habits. All of this thought in our mind goes on constantly, many times without real conscious awareness. Often we don't stop to look at what we are thinking, and so the thoughts we generate are the easiest available or most comfortable to use. We think the thoughts that require the least effort. Whatever thought comes to us is what we think; we never question if we should use a thought, we just go ahead and think it.

The only reason this can become a problem is that most thoughts are repeated over and over again. An errant negative thought once harboured in the mind can become habit and then a daily if not hourly mantra in the mind. Take a negative thought about body image. It could begin as an idea to perhaps get fit, or eat less, but soon turns into an obsessive negative pattern that repeats in the mind at any opportunity it gets. Until you literally have your own mantra of "I am fat. I am fat." What we think has a lot of power. The only way we can use this power is to first be aware of it and then harness it.

Our thoughts have power for two reasons;(1) The Law of Attraction and (2) because any thought can reprogram our subconscious mind. Let's look at point 1 first.

The Law of Attraction

Our thoughts are either 'attractive' or 'repulsive' to what we want and what we are trying to create. We all have desires and dreams so it follows we would want to become skilled at creating them to happen. We make things happen using the Law of Attraction to attract to us what we want or need. When we think positively, we send out positively charged energy to the universe and this positive energy attracts back the like energy to us. We literally create the outcomes we expect to create through our thoughts. So we can attractive positive outcomes, opportunities and more positive feelings within ourself. When we send out negative thoughts, we literally attract back other people's negativity, which then comes into our aura and into our minds and affects us negatively. We also can attract negative outcomes through the power of our negative thinking.

This teaching is important because it allows us to become aware of how we create, and it might be the answer to the question of why do negative things keep happening - take a good, honest look at your thoughts to see what like or similar energy you attract back.

The Subconscious Mind

As mentioned, our thinking when repeated like a mantra does reprogram our subconscious mind to believe a thing.

The subconscious mind is the mind that is below our conscious mind, it contains all the thinking that goes on that we are unaware of consciously. Although we cannot hear what our subconscious mind is thinking, it constantly thinks on its own level, below our awareness. It can be filled with all the negative junk we unwittingly put in there, or it can be filled with positive affirmations and thinking that supports us and is highly attractive to positive outcomes.

Being Conscious of What We Think

The way to alieviate this problem is to simply practise positive thought and also affirmations if you want to take it a step further. The idea is to simply be mindful of what you are thinking and why you are thinking it, and then making a deliberate effort to cultivate a more positive thought to replace the negative one. It is actually easier than it sounds. This is not something you have to do constantly unless you are very keen. But you can start by choosing one area of life (ie money thoughts, or relationship thoughts, or self image thoughts) and focus on gently reminding yourself of positive ideas or statements to say in your mind instead of the usual thoughts. This is especially useful to use on any area of your life that isn't working. Be honest, as we create our life though the medium of our thoughts. We attract to us what we expect and what we have programmed our subconscious to expect. It is wonderful to know that we have the power to turn this around at any time; the sky is the limit. Why not try out a bit of positive thinking for yourself and judge how good it makes you feel.

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