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How Our Thoughts Affect Others

It was recently brought to my attention that my personal thoughts towards others were not serving them in a spiritual way and were in fact harmful karmically speaking to myself.

This teaching is quite advanced and some may consider it a fine line. Most of us try to avoid harming others physically or with hurtful words, but negative thoughts? I acknowledge this is a strict teaching and yet many of us are ready to understand and apply this to our lives - even if you are not ready, just reading these words can serve to plant the seed that may bloom later in time.

The teaching goes along the lines of what we think towards others travels to them. Thought is energy and thought travels. It carries an emotional charge, either positive or negative charge depending on the emotions that are attached to our thoughts. So it follows that thoughts of judgement travel to the person they are aimed at and are unconsciously felt or experienced, thereby having a negative affect on them on some level. Perhaps it is not possible to prove such a claim, but I speak to the intuitive amongst you to feel the truth of this. This is why it is a bad idea to gossip about others behind their back as this energy travels and can attach to the subject of negative gossip and possibly harm them. Here is where the aspect of karma comes in as any harm, even slight, is karmically the shared responsibility of those sending the thought energy in the first place.

Some may argue that we are splitting hairs here and that is okay, as this is a fine line. But as we evolve and become more astute, sensitive, and aware as a spiritual student, even the fine lines begin to become important. This is what was pointed out to me recently by an evolved energy who took the time to impart this important truth to me, and something I am taking to heart.

What Harm Can Negative Thoughts Do?

Quite simply, this negative energy we send to others now and then can affect their future decisions and their light quotient. For when we think (or speak) negatively about them, and our energy attaches to them, it makes it easier for them to become the things we are saying. A strong person may be less affected by negative energy and be equipped to rise above it, but a weaker person may be quite affected by having that quality of negative expectation sent to them. If we talk about someone and continually say, "they will never amount to anything", we can actually contribute to that person being unable to succeed. For they feel the thought even if not consciously, and that has the power to affect all of their decisions and beliefs about themselves. This practise of judgement and sending negative energy really is serious and actually does border on the dark arts, if we but knew it. Of course we do all of this to others in ignorance, and others equally do it to us with no idea of the consequences.

The way to end this type of thing is to first take in this teaching and think carefully about it, and then become better at watching our thoughts. We caninstead send people light and love, sending them thoughts of success and uplifting beliefs - for that person will surely receive that energy and be better for it. And you don't have to perfect at this or master it overnight, just a little bit of thought and effort can go a long way.

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