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Are You A Starseed?

There are millions of starseeds on Earth presently and we are exploring who are they and which one are you?

GalaxyA starseed is a soul from another world that incarnates on Earth in order to bring light and knowledge, helping Mother Earth and uplifting the people on the planet. Starseeds are older souls who volunteer for this job. They are usually experts in the field of going into other worlds for extended periods (sometimes for many, many lifetimes) to help steer that world in the right direction, bringing light energy to civilizations that are still in the dark or struggling.

How Many Starseeds Are On Earth?

There are many millions of starseeds on Earth, some who have been here for eons and are very familiar with the Earth's cultures and belief systems. There are also other souls who are new to Earth and who are finding their way around. Every starseed that comes here has a mission or a goal regarding what they can do to help the planet. Many are "awake" - this means that they remember who they are or where they are from, and may be fully aware of their mission and involved in it. Many more starseeds are unawakened, some have failed to trigger and are lost within the Earth's matrix of belief - they may not even believe in other life in the universe, although they come from other worlds themselves.

Starseed Awakening & Activation

It is typical for these times that starseeds begin to go through an awakening, discovering that they are part of a very large community of awakened others who fully remember or embrace their other worldly origins. Communities of like minded souls exist on the internet as does much information on various possible origins (see below). Being a starseed need not be a lonely journey. Below are some helpful descriptions to aid one in determining if they are indeed a starseed. If any one of the signs below fit, then an awakening may be happening - but remember to always trust intuition when determining where you may come from. This also applies if you suspect you have a starseed child. Parents of starseeds will find that they too are starseeds, although they could have different origins to their children. Some starseeds have spent a lot of time on different worlds so may resonate to more than one type.

Signs You Are A Starseed

To tell if one is in fact a starseed, there are some patterns that many in this group show. Firstly, they can be different to "normal" humans and find it difficult to fit into groups of people; they can feel isolated or outcast on this world and find it foreign or that the society here makes little sense. They may look at this world with something akin to incomprehension and find it hostile, warlike, self-destructive, ignorant and many human behaviours will make no sense to them.

Starseeds often have superior intelligence and also a more refined sense. They tend to be peace-loving and wish to protect the environment. They can be smarter when it comes to looking after their own body and less willing to engage in wild behaviours or outbursts of emotion. They are usually quite emotionally stable. Some starseeds, depending on where they come from, can be highly logical, intellectual, wise, benevolent and with a love of space or science. Others are drawn to different natural healing modalities that are free of chemicals. Many are drawn to spirituality and are highly intuitive and psychic.

Upon hearing that their soul might be a traveler from another world, they can often feel an immediate flash of knowing or longing that this is indeed true. Starseeds often know things that others do not, for they can sense keenly motivations behind many of the things on Earth, for example the real reasons wars are fought, what is truly behind the medical industry, what a government's true intention is behind a certain policy. They can figure things out by drawing on their substantial galactic history as older souls; they just know what they know. This knowingness is due to a higher link they retain with their soul or Higher Self.
cloud craft
In the past, starseeds have been born as humans and entered in without many clear memories at all, leaving them the job of trying to remember as they get older and trying to "wake up" at some point and become activated to their purpose. When a starseed fails to awaken, this is okay but is usually seen as a wasted life or a mission incomplete. From now on, however, starseeds birthing into the world will begin to come in with more recall of who they really are. They will remember as children and may be able to retain those important memories. This is due to the vibration of Earth having risen enough or ascended enough so that they can remember. In the past, the energies on Earth have been a lot lower and more hostile, and this has made starseeds feel even more miserable and uncomfortable. As these energies rise and transmute back to light, the atmosphere in and around Earth improves, making the starseeds' lot easier.

I have heard of many starseeds who love science fiction such as Star Trek because it reminds them of home. They can often stare at the stars with a feeling of longing, or wish to be rescued by a mothership and taken away. What starseeds must realise is that while it is okay to dream of home, it is important to ground into Earth during their stay and make the best of it. That way they can do their best job here. By grounding, starseeds actually aid the Earth by transferring light energy from above into the Earth, thus helping it to ascend.

Planetary Origins

Most starseeds have spent extended stays on more than one world; this way they collect a variety of experience. So it can be said for many that they have several origins. It is relatively easy for a starseed to figure out where they originate from by reading about various races (more on this below), during which they can get a strong inner knowing. Most starseeds will tell you exactly where they come from and may even guess your origins also from their experience hanging with other starseeds. Once you get to know the energies, it can feel obvious when you look at another and be able to tell what their energy is. If you think about it, we on Earth all have a similar energy because we have been incarnating here together for a very long time. In the distant future, the starseeds will spread out again when their mission here is over. We will still be able to recognise each other on distant worlds by seeing the Earth energy, and we will say to each other, "Were you on Earth?"

New starseeds to Earth are often more sensitive than those who have been here for eons of time. The long time campaigners tend to become more used to the harsh Earth energies, which can be hostile and not like their home worlds/dimensions. So newer starseeds have typically been the ones who need to acclimatise to the strange energy of the inhabitants, and are also the ones who are most likely to want to leave the planet any way possible and go home. Their job is to just get used to this world and learn to live with the energies they don't like. Once they adjust, they become like old hands and it ceases to bother them as much. (Okay, it is always just a bit frustrating.)

It is important to note that once a starseed remembers who they are and finds their mission in life, they can find true satisfaction, find like-minded starseeds to talk to, and a real sense of belonging and making a difference. Starseeds are happiest when they are helping others or the Earth, teaching or healing others, or making a difference that lifts others up. They are open to telepathy, may find themselves channeling, doing readings, healing, writing, art, music, or for some it is politics or helping the environment. No matter who the starseed is, there is always something they can find to do that helps the planet somehow. Even being a parent to starseed children is a noble job, or meditating daily on the Earth to bring healing, it is all helping and part of our service to Creator.

Those on Earth who are originally from Earth who call this world their home, are the native human inhabitants and are younger souls who spend more time learning rather than teaching. They can make more mistakes that are obvious to the seasoned, older starseed. They are a relatively younger race compared to some of the older races who have been around for millions of years (i.e. the Sirians or Arcturians). Some of the ancient races like Felines come from other Universes that ended, yet they continue on in ours. As souls evolve, they raise in vibration and so raise into higher dimensions that are closer to God.


What Starseed Race Are You?

I will be adding more starseed races as I learn more, so this list will expand over time. I am not willing to list articles on races I am unfamiliar with. Some of the races are human and others are not. Remember that no matter the outer form, on the inside each race originates from the same Creator.
To read about each race, just click on the link provided.


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