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20 Signs You're A Starseed

A Starseed is a soul from another world that incarnates on Earth in order to bring light and knowledge, helping Mother Earth and uplifting the people on the planet. 

cloud craftThere are many signs and symptoms to show the way and its usually easy to discern if you are part of this enormous group of people from more advanced star systems who are 'visiting' this world to help in its evolution.

Do you ever feel you are smarter or wiser than those around you? Do you have feelings of never fitting in, or confusion in general about how unevolved this world is? Are your ideas always way ahead of what others are thinking, and your beliefs dismissed by others who have no idea where you are coming from? Do others look at you as though you were an alien? Then maybe you are!

Signs You're A Starseed

  1. Find it difficult to fit into groups of people; they can feel isolated or outcast on this world and find it foreign.
  2. Society on this world makes little sense. Starseeds look at this world with something akin to incomprehension, find it backwards, hostile, warlike, self-destructive, ignorant with many human behaviours that are illogical or make no sense.
  3. Starseeds often have superior intelligence and also a more refined sense.
  4. They tend to be peace-loving and wish to protect the environment. They can be smarter when it comes to looking after their own body and less willing to engage in wild behaviours or outbursts of emotion. They are usually quite emotionally stable.
  5. Some starseeds, depending on where they come from, can be highly logical, intellectual, wise, benevolent and with a love of space or science.
  6. Others are drawn to different natural healing modalities that are free of chemicals. They are not easily taken in by 'fads' when it comes to food and health, knowing that what is best is simple and natural.
  7. Intuitively aware, upon hearing of the existence of starseeds, that this is indeed the truth.
  8. Starseeds possess deep wisdom and often know things that others do not, and can be more than a little psychic and intuitive. Manipulation may not affect them as much as it does others, depending on their galactic age.
  9. An absolute love of space movies, books and any kind of science fiction because it reminds them of home. They may have an interest in astronomy, a love of futuristic technology, an interest in aliens, although they will shy away from negative alien movies, feeling that life in the universe is peaceful and for the most part benevolent.
  10. An awakening sense of being on earth to help the planet, the people, or other kingdoms like animals and plants. They go through a spiritual awakening that resets them, and they begin to explore more esoteric topics that are not normally taught. They throw off their ignorance that they were raised into and go on a quest for knowledge and truth.
  11. A love of nature and all natural things, and an aversion to killing.
  12. A strong sense of spirituality. If a starseed is raised to a particular religion, some are put off at first by the rules and other aspects of religion that are not spiritual. Most starseeds will go on to develop their own spirituality separate from set religious practice - which will come from their heart as God intended.
  13. A strong or increasing knowing that much of this world is built on a lie. They start to see through systems of control and yearn for freedom from this false earth matrix that enslaves and destroys rather than honours and respects life.
  14. They care about life and are empathic, able to read the emotions of other living things. They could find they have all kinds of paranormal talents at their disposal though they may not reveal this to others for fear of being shunned or considered weird.
  15. They dream they visit other planets or spacecraft whilst asleep. These could be vivid dreams and show the ties to their true origins.
  16. They may have revolutionary thoughts or wish for a time when this world returns to the light and to God. They want truth to be revealed and better ways of government to be installed.
  17. They may not know many people who understand them on the most basic level, so their friends will be more like acquaintances. They could develop close bonds with angels and guides, whose conversation is interesting and whose spirit is more compatible with their own.
  18. There may be a lot of challenges in life that begin in childhood and continue. They are learning a lot whilst here on this sojourn on earth, learning about a world still in darkness and birthing into light. Their purpose is to help anchor the light just by living on this world.
  19. They are more sensitive than those around them, yet possess a deep strength to draw on, for they are an old soul.
  20. They come into a knowingness of God or Creator, and begin to open to love and a desire to spread this same. They are a warrior who is made strong by the hostility of this world, yet keep an open heart and a faith in the divine always.

What Starseed Race Are You?

I will be adding more starseed races as I learn more, so this list will expand over time. I am not willing to list articles on races I am unfamiliar with. Some of the races are human and others are not. Remember that no matter the outer form, on the inside each race originates from the same Creator.


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