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Starseed Eyes, Face & Body

Wouldn't you know people are amazed by accounts of unusal bodily differences with Starseeds, or star people, those who incarnate onto earth in a human body but whose souls have originated elsewhere in the universe. So I thought it was worth looking into accounts others have made of this phenomenon.

starseed eyes

First, does it really matter what kind of eyes, face and body starseeds have? No, not really, but let's admit that people are curious. When I say people, I mean other starseeds. Its worth a discussion.

Starseed Eyes

The eyes stand out. People who know starseeds generally suggest their eyes are large and magnetic. They have soulful eyes. That being said, I've seen starseeds with small, squinty eyes. Not all starseeds are magnetic or charismatic (yet all have a natural dignity). When you meet one of the charismatic ones, you kind of know. They do always have intelligent eyes, because of course they are highly intelligent. Those eyes observe and record; you are not going to fool those eyes. They can be any colour, shape, etc. They are old eyes, showing an old and wise soul. So, lets move on...

Starseed Faces

Many starseeds have long faces, not all, but usually when I see a very long, thin face, I can tell I am talking to a starseed. Many people report they have long, thin and graceful necks. I like this description too, because it is what I often see. There is talk that they have oddly shaped skulls - this could be a reference to an elongated skull to house the larger brains they may have.

Some may have angelic looking faces, but they could instead be Incarnated Angels. Some could be pixie or elf-like. Imagine the face with cute, pointy ears and see if they still look human or something other. Not ALL starseeds look exotic, some appear completely human, so we cannot tell from physical characteristics alone. This is important to note.

Starseed Bodies

Tall. Just saying. And typically thin because they are sensible and over-eating is not natural for them. They do not have voracious appetites like many humans. Appetite can mean an imbalance in the lower chakras, which a starseed will not usually suffer from since they are more focussed in their higher-chakras.

Other kinds like angelics can be short or medium, but true starseeds are usually tall and willowy. There may of course be exceptions to this rule - some are short, and some can pick up bad human habits like snacking.They carry themselves with unconscious authority, and may even be quite elegant. Nothing wrong with that! They come from the stars. They have deportment and quite a presence.

Of course, I don't know nearly all there is to know about starseeds, so I offer this article as a starting point. My feeling is that there is much more to learn. Don't forget that we are all individuals, even true of the starseeds.

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Note: The picture of eyes above is from a random model who may or may not be a starseed.

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