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Do You Have A Starseed Child?

You are a Starseed and now you are wondering if any of your little ones are also starseeds. The chances are they are! What is a starseed? A Starseed is a soul from another world that incarnates on Earth in order to bring light and knowledge, helping Mother Earth and uplifting the people on the planet. 

starseed children

There is nothing to be worried about if your child is considered different from other children. Usually starseed children are way ahead of ordinary children in intelligence and wisdom. The starseed adults of today are even blown away by these kids. Because of humanity's fast-tracked evolution (or Ascenion) of late, these children come into life very advanced from the outset, unlike adult starseeds of today. To be born a starseed in recent years assures very fast advancement compared to during the 70's, for example. These are some bright kids. Let's look at some signs.

Signs Your Child Is A Starseed

1. Your child is the smartest in their group and seems to have a clear grasp of most situations that the other children do not.

2. Your child is incredibly observant and aware, more like an adult (in fact more so than even most adults). They notice people and understand all situations. While the other kids are playing with building blocks, your child is trying to solve more complex problems, or is more interested with helping the adults solve their problems.

3. The child cares deeply for people, is an empath, and does not like to see any living thing suffering or in pain. They offer advice to others or even just sympathy. They seek to make others feel better.

4. If they are forced to mix with others who are rough, violent, or mean, they can feel uncomfortable, and not fit in. They can become isolated.

5. They may look at this world with something akin to incomprehension, finding it backwards, hostile, warlike, self-destructive, and ignorant, with many human behaviours that are illogical or make no sense. Watching a show like the news may be very upsetting to them as so much negativity is focussed upon in the media constantly. They may even see through the media, rejecting much of the news as a deliberate ploy to upset or keep people in fear.

6. They care about the environment and may express a wish to do something to help. They see it as very unfair that humans are destroying the planet and nature.

7. Some will show a very big interest in space, the solar system and universe. They may express a wish to go out into space. As they get older, they may show an interest in UFOs and science fiction.

8. Some can be natural healers. Stemming from past lives, they carry the knowledge to heal with their hands, or in other ways.

9. Some may have memories of living on other worlds, and could well explain these worlds and what role they played there. Others will see this in dreams, or may say that they visit spacecraft in their dreams.

10. Most are very psychic, in different ways. Many can see when they are being lied to. They see very deeply, and can see through manipulation, even when it comes from our leaders. They simply know that they know.

11. They can be aware that they are born on this world in order to help it in some way. They know they have a purpose, even if they don't know exactly yet what that purpose is.

12. They are gentle and have an aversion to killing. They may be vegetarian or vegan. They do not like bullying and will likely outsmart any bully they come across.

13. A strong sense of spirituality, a belief in a God or spiritual Father. They will shy away from 'organised' religion and see it as false, or created by man. They do not wish to be told what to believe, or how to be spiritual. Once again, they will just know.

14. They may harbour a suspicious attitude toward authority and the way this planet is run. They believe in freedom and equality for all. They may see through the system we use on this world as a false system of slavery.

15. They could talk to angels and guides (as imaginary friends). However these friends might be real and only the child can see or hear them.

16. Although they are sensitive souls, they possess incredible inner strength. They are old souls.

17. They try to keep an open heart always. If they are badly damaged by others, they may shut this down, but will usually open it again with the right healing and help.

cloud craft

Starseed Races

There are many starseed races and origins, below are some of the most common ones:


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