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Sirian Culture & Civilisation

Sirian culture is non-hierarchical and is based on the principals of soul growth and love to reflect the guardian nature of humans. Unfortunately for us, our world is still based on a Pleiadian system brought to us from renegades around the time of Atlantic falling, 13 thousand years. This system no longer reflects where earth humans are at spiritually, and was only ever meant to govern us 'for a period' before returning to the Sirian system. The destruction of ancient civilisations like Atlantis allowed other star beings to temporarily come here and instill their own ideas of civilisation.

Humans at that time were a rag tag bunch of people who had to begin life once more having fallen from a high state of technology. Many beings came to earth deliberately attracted to the idea of being rulers over you, and pretended to be Gods. Although our equals, they taught us to worship them and they set up the current system of 'hierarchy', which is a false system. However, our ancestors originated from Sirius B and we are now moving back under Sirian influence, for they never actually forgot about us but had to allow certain other karma to unfold before they could step back in.

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Sirian Culture

It is time now to move back into a more fair and realistic system of living, one where no one is above any other and we are all equal - this is the Sirian system. Humans are ready for this and with new technology that is coming for us, we will be able to adopt to this very easily.

So what is this Sirian system and how do their civilisations work? There are four main social laws that they abide by. They are called the Four Basic Social Laws.

Law of the One
The goal of every being is to discover their soul path for personal growth and service. Its ritual is called the Kha Ahn.

Law of the Two
The power of creation can be utilised through loving closeness with another being. Its ritual is called the Shree Ahn.

Law of the Three
The bonding created by one's close relationship with self, friends, family, and clan develops the web of global or planetary inter-dependency. Its ritual is called the Koo'Shee Ahn.

Law of the Four
The Law of the Four is the Law of the Three expanded to larger groups such as clan-to-clan and planetary-to-solar system. Its ritual is called the Khas'Koo Ahn.

The whole crux of why humans and other physical beings were created is so that we can act as guardians for planets in the universe and anchor the light into the physical dimension. This is the reason for our creation. A civilisation that is acting in accordance to this will be 'service to others'. They act in a way that does not harm any other living creature, and in fact helps other lifeforms. We don't do this on this world for we are mostly 'service to self'. We act as though we were the most important creatures on this world and we do whatever we please, even if it harms others, so long as we are happy. We are creatures of instant gratification and have been taught that this is the way.

The humans on Earth are now ready to learn about the guardianship process and how to be caring to all living creatures. Many currently living on earth will be leaving because they are not able to follow this path. Earth has been a dumping ground for negative souls (500 million such souls) who were given a chance to raise themself to the next level of consciousness. However, many souls will be leaving earth at this time before we cross over to the Sirian culture, or the main aspects of it. The rest of us should be ready to adopt beautiful, loving ways in helping others and the earth, and living in peace.

Each of the four Laws were given a ritual or rite called an Ahn (see the above table).

Clans And Education

Every human who is born into the Sirian system belongs to a clan. The clans have temples which are very important to their society for education, rituals and meditations. The people learn about planetary guardianship at the temples from a very young age. Their form of ritual is very much unlike our own form, and can be seen more like play for younger children; they are never dull or boring.

Education in the Sirian system is essentially about finding out who you are and what your special gift is. Of course we all have a gift from God that we are meant to develop to help us in our growth. So you would discover what your soul purpose was in that lifetime and how to do this in service that would bring love and also growth. Your soul growth is an important matter in all of this and would be discussed. Just as before you are born you would arrange what was perfect for soul growth, then once you are born this is also fully focussed on. Your clan of up to sixty people would all be there to help you in loving and connected ways. Sirians are never alone but have an extended family who constantly cares about each member.

Sirians tend to remember their past lifetimes as well, and are encouraged to do so. It is all about moving into higher states of consciousness and evolvement. So their system is very different to ours, where we focus on making money to buy food and shelter. They do not have money, and therefore focus on soul growth. Food and shelter is no problem for them as they are given this.

Sirian humans are also all about love, and this is another of their focuses since it is love that brings soul growth. Their system is one of full consciousness, whereas we are not yet fully conscious. As we are moving towards their system, we are approaching full consciousness which will be given to us soon in our future.

Sirius B Planets

Sirius is a multi-star system, with actually nine stars. The human civilisations are on planets 3 and 4 around the Sirius B star. Other highly sentient beings, such as cat people and also dolphins, live around some of the other stars and have their own highly advanced civilisations. They are all Sirians.

The human planets are similar to Earth in size, but they contain what is called a Firmament in the sky around the entire planet. This filters the sun's light and so protects the humans from aging, allowing them to live for 3-4 thousand years. They do not die as such, since they are connected to higher dimensions and choose their own time of leaving. As fully conscious beings they are also telepathic, but may also speak sometimes if they wish.

Another vital difference is that most people in their civilisation live underground which protects them further, with only a small portion who live above in the semi-tropical climate. Due to the Firmament, the climate is also fairly static, without variances or 'weather' as we have it on earth. We too used to have a Firmament which needs to be restored sometime in the future. As we return to the Sirian ways, and are re-educated to the correct way to behave, then this can occur. Most of us will also move inside the planet to live (underground) leaving the surface for nature to run wild.

Guardian Species

Humans were created to be the guardian species to anchor the light onto this world. We are not too far from this state but we do need to learn more about love, respect and cooperation. The Sirians will be able to show us the way and are looking forward to this role. We can let go of the past and move upwards coming into our own full consciousness (and telepathy). We will still be unique however, and will continue on with our own customs and art, etc, within their system. We can become a galactic presence and go out to explore the stars as well.

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