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The Inner Earth - Agartha

Agartha is the city on the Inner Earth of our world - its the civilisation that exists inside our planet and, as we will see, many worlds have civilisations existing in the safe crust where they are kept safe (like Venus, Saturn and Jupiter for example). When we look at such worlds we exclaim that no life could survive there; yet if we look inside the crust, there are wonderful and safe environments where large and very old civilisations live. Our earth is one of these places.

Have I myself seen or experienced the Inner Earth? No - for me it is a theory but one I find interesting. I'd like to consider it from the viewpoint of the Ascended Masters and Angels, who I do talk to psychically. I won't be offering proof and nor could I back it up with 100% certainly, but its an interesting story to discuss, perhaps containing revelations from our earth history.


Who Are The Agarthans?

The theory states that the earth crust is partially hollow and is environmentally sound for life to thrive. In fact, life is protected in this environment and lifespans are often incredibly long compared to surface earth. The energy from our sun is harmful genetically to all life and cuts our lifespan down remarkably. The idea is that humans who live in our earth can life for a few thousand years. They have a green cast to their skin due to the copper in the water they ingest. They live in vibrant health since they don't allow pollution to affect their societies, and they live quite happily with other forms of light rather than directly from the sun. They live in balance and are spiritual people in touch with others in our galaxy, and are technologically ahead of us.

The Agarthans were originally surface dwellers and were a part of our surface civilisations back 13 millennia ago, so in a way they are like our distant relations. Much history on earth has been forgotten after the biblical flood that wiped away most of our cities. It was at this time in order to save themselves, apparently the Agarthans went underground so they could keep themselves and their history alive, and they have continued on since then leaving the surface people to evolve in their own manner.

The Agarthan Message

The Agarthans are very concerned about how we are treating this planet and her finite resources. The way the surface population operates it to take whatever they want - cutting it down or mining it out, and leaving the earth wounded and polluted. We play with radiation, something that should never be used or mined, and have polluted the sky, water and earth. Fukushima is an ELE (Extinction Level Event that is covered up) which is ongoing each day since it happened. The pollution from this accident alone is enough to wipe us out completely on both hemispheres. The Agarthan message for us right now is environmental.

We are not told these truths because the world is run dishonestly. Perhaps if people knew the horror then some effort could be made. Our problem is certainly pollution but not the CO2 kind. We run our world as though there is no tomorrow. For some reason people believe that leadership is sane, that order is maintained, but our world is haphazard and run by money hungry criminals. We have other galactic sources who are keeping us alive, which means others are cleaning our world of radiation, pollution and other garbage which would already have killed us. We are only alive because of these others who take care of us. However this is not really their job.

The Future With Agarthans

In our near future, an event is planned called Disclosure. What this disclosure will mean is that the surface population of this world will be told the truth for once, a truth we have never experienced before. Our entire reality is built on lies. Because God has decreed that it is time for the corruption to be over, the immense power of the Cabal that has run this world is now broken. A completely new financial system has been constructed to overtake the dirty SWIFT system that keeps the population in debt slavery. At some point soon, the disclosure will reveal our galactic friends and the Agarthans, and the Agarthans are extremely excited about this. Although I can't say if they truly exist, I do have faith and I await this coming day.

The Agarthans will be able to share their technologies with us, the way they use power, grow food and heal each other. We will discover a new world awaiting us, and if there is in fact an Inner Earth then we can all be able to visit it, in fact I'm told they will want us all to visit. And this should occur within our lifetimes.

We may consider the Agarthans as our friendly brothers and sisters, those who only wish to help us and share their teachings. Isn't this exciting? Our future on earth is to be very bright and quite different from the difficult past we have endured. It is our chance to join with many different civilisations. I hope this disclosure will happen and that it won't take too long. We are all equal in this galaxy and it is time to start living with reverence for this wonderful world we share together.

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